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The University of Scranton is an urban campus with limited parking available, however sufficient parking is available to meet the demands of our students, faculty, and staff daily. The following information is an overview of the regulations necessary for the safety and convenience of the entire University community, and to allow for maximum use of our available parking spaces.

Parking regulations apply on the streets, roads, alleys, sidewalks, walkways, parking spaces, parking areas, and parking lots on all parts of The University of Scranton campus. Parking regulations are in force during the entire year, including periods when classes are not in session and are enforced by the University Police Department.

Penalties for violations include ticketing, fines, towing, placing student records on administrative hold and revocation of parking privileges.

When additional events, such as conferences, seminars, or workshops are conducted on campus, parking capacity may be exceeded. The fact that parking capacity appears to be or is exceeded does not authorize a user to violate this parking policy. In addition, the purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a convenient parking space. Consequently, a user may have to find a space in a lot off the center of campus.

The goal of the parking office is to serve the University community with fairness, courtesy, and efficiency.

Any parking-related problems, complaints, suggestions, or compliments should be referred to the Parking Service Manager, Parking Pavilion, 820 Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA 18510.  Office hours are weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The University Police Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The University Police Department does not close.


The University Parking Services Office



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Parking Ban Announcement

There are no parking bans at this time.


Parking Services Portal

 Faculty-Staff Parking Permit Information

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Student Parking Permit Information

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Fitzpatrick Lot Permit are available at a reduced rate of $50 per year to students/faculty and staff. Fitzpatrick permits are only valid in the Fitzpatrick Field parking lot (lot E). Email if you would like to purchase a Fitzpatrick Field lot parking permit. Provide your name and RID number in the email.

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Motor Cycle Permit: Contact the parking office if you would like to purchase a motorcycle permit. if you currently have a motorcycle permit email to confirm you still have the motorcycle with the permit and we will renew your current permit. 

Electric Vehicle Permit: An EV placard along with a University parking permit must be displayed on your vehicle when using the EV Charging stations on campus. The cost for an EV placard is $100 for the academic year. Contact parking services to purchase an EV Placard. 

Royal Ride Service - Fri and Sat Evenings Fall & Spring Semesters! 

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Need a Ride To The Scranton Bus Terminal? Available Fall,Thanksgiving,Spring & Easter Breaks

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Vehicle Registration

Any member of the University community wishing to park or operate a motor vehicle on campus must register with the Parking Services office to obtain a parking permit. Vehicle registration and receipt of a permit indicate you will comply with these University parking regulations and any amendments published during the year.

Vehicle registration authorizes ticketing or towing by the University at the owner's expense for violations. Registration can be accomplished online, by mail or in person at the Parking Services office.

All parking permits remain property of the University of Scranton. Permits are to be returned immediately upon termination of employment or enrollment, retirement, transfer, or sale of a registered vehicle or at the request of the University.

Registration is not complete until the permit has been properly affixed to the vehicle on the rear bumper (driver's side of the vehicle) or the outside of the rear windshield (lower left corner). Only the current permit should be displayed on the vehicle, expired permits must be removed.

A vehicle may only be registered for one permit type, (i.e. faculty, staff, or student). Vehicles may not display more than one valid permit. For example, a vehicle registered to a student with a valid student permit may not display a valid Faculty or Staff permit. Exceptions must be approved by the Chief of Police.

Faculty-Staff Registration
  • Faculty and staff members must provide a valid state motor vehicle registration the first time they complete a permit application. A copy of the state motor vehicle registration will be required in subsequent years if the vehicle or license plate information has changed.
  • Permits are issued to full-time and part-time employees.
  • Full-time Faculty permits are valid in Faculty reserved parking spaces/lots only. 
  • Staff/Adjunct Faculty permits are valid in staff/commuter/adjunct faculty lots in non-reserved spaces.  View Campus Parking Map
  • Student workers are not authorized to purchase faculty or staff permits.
Student Registration
  • Students must provide a valid state motor vehicle registration the first time they complete a permit application. A copy of the state motor vehicle registration will be required in subsequent years if the vehicle or license plate information has changed.  Students can only register one vehicle. If the vehicle is replaced the student must return remnants of the permit from that vehicle to the parking office with the vehicle registration for the new car. A replacement permit will be issued. If it is not possible to return remnants of the old permit the permit number will be placed on the lost/stolen list. If the permit is found on campus on a vehicle the vehicle will be towed at owner's expense. The permit is valid from the date of purchase to the expiration date printed on the permit. *Fees are not refundable unless a student is graduating in the fall semester or studying abroad for the spring semester. Apply for a refund by submitting a refund form and remnants of your parking permit before the end of the fall semester to receive a partial refund. Outstanding parking tickets or fees will be deducted from the refund.View and print Refund Form 
  • Commuter Students will be issued a commuter permit that is not valid for overnight parking. Commuter permits are only valid in Staff/Commuter parking lots in non-reserved parking spaces. Commuter students parking their vehicle overnight will be ticketed for after-hours use. Should a situation arise in which a commuter student must leave their vehicle on campus after hours, the student must notify Parking Services or University Police to avoid being ticketed.
  • Resident Students other than first year and sophomores living in University residences will be issued a resident student permit. Resident student permits are only valid in lots designated for Resident Permits. Vehicles with resident parking permits must be parked in resident parking lots Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Resident students with valid permits can only park their vehicles in the Parking Pavilion or under the Wellness Center when there is a parking ban in effect. Once the ban is placed in effect vehicles with valid permits can be parked in non-reserved spaces in the pavilion without being ticketed. Vehicles parked in surface lots when a snow ban is in effect are subject to ticketing.View Campus Parking Map  
    • First-Year and Sophomore Resident Students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to The University of Scranton campus or to have access to a vehicle within the city of Scranton limits.
      • *See exceptions below:
      1. Sophomore Resident Education Majors – Students can purchase a parking permit for the one-semester (only) which they are required to be off-campus for classroom observing.
      2. Sophomore Resident Nursing Majors – Students can purchase a parking permit for the semester (only) which they are required to be off-campus for clinical classes at the hospital. 
      3. Medical exception - Students requesting a medical exception to The University of Scranton parking policy will be required to complete an authorization form so medical information may be obtained from your health care provider.  View Medical Exception Forms

                         * We do not make exceptions for work/job requirements.

      4. Alternative transportation options are available. View Alternative Transportation FAQS

  • Students living in private non-University housing in the area of The University of Scranton, which includes north to Gibson St., south to Ridge Row, east to Harrison Ave. and west to Mifflin Ave., are not permitted to purchase a University parking permit.
  • Evening Classes (Commuters Only) - students may purchase an evening permit valid for use after 4:00 p.m. Students who attend day classes or who conduct academic research activities on campus earlier than 4:00 p.m. must purchase a day/commuter student parking permit.
  • Graduate fellows, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants can purchase a parking permit for all-day use.


Replacement Decals

Replacement permits can be obtained at the Parking Services Office. Remnants of the current permit must be returned to the parking office to entitle the registrant to a replacement permit for $5.00. If remnants of the current permit are not returned a replacement permit will be at the full regular cost of the permit. Permits reported stolen can be replaced at the $5.00 fee if a theft report has been filed with the University Police Department.


Parking Permit Fees*


Fall/Intersession/Spring/Summer  $200

Intersession/Spring/Summer $120

Spring/Summer $100

Summer $45


Fall/Intersession/Spring/Summer $100

Intersession/Spring/Summer $70

Spring/Summer $55

Summer $30

Adjunct Faculty/Part-time Staff

Fall/Intersession/Spring/Summer $55

Intersession/Spring/Summer $45

Spring/Summer $30

Summer $15


Fall/Intersession/Spring/Summer $200

Intersession/Spring/Summer $120

Spring/Summer $100                                                      

Graduate Assistant/Evening Only (classes after 4pm)

Fall/Intersession/Spring/Summer $100

Intersession/Spring/Summer $70

Spring/Summer $50

Summer Only

Summer I Session $20

Summer II Session $20

Summer I & Summer II Sessions $40

* Parking permit fees are non-refundable.

**Faculty/Staff Second Vehicle Permit

Members of the University community who have multiple family members working or attending classes at the University are not eligible for a second vehicle permit. If two members of the same family or household work and/or attend class, the full price must be paid for a second vehicle permit.


Accessible Parking

A University of Scranton handicapped-parking permit will be issued to faculty, staff and students with a valid University parking permit and a State-issued disability parking placard or registration plate for their vehicle.  Both your State-issued person with disability placard and University handicapped permit must be displayed when parked in University accessible spaces. To obtain a University handicapped-parking permit please bring, fax, or mail a copy of your state-issued disability card to the Parking Services office.  Students and employees, who are temporarily disabled due to accidents etc., may be eligible to obtain a state-issued temporary disability placard.  Students and employees in need of temporary accessible parking should contact Parking Services for further assistance.  University accessible parking spaces are available for University visitors whose vehicles bear a disability permit, placard or license plate issued by the Commonwealth or another state.  Information for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be found at the Department of Motor Vehicles web site.



Visitor Parking

Visitor parking spaces are available on level two of the Parking Pavilion (T), and a limited number of visitor spaces are available in Lot B, see View Campus Parking Map Visitor passes are available at the Parking Services office during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you arrive before or after business hours, visitor passes can be obtained from the University Police office (open 24/7). Visitors to campus who have not made advanced arrangements for parking must obtain a visitor pass.

Parking arrangements for guests and visitors to the campus are the responsibility of the inviting party or activity sponsor. Sponsors should coordinate parking arrangements with the Parking Services Office for their visitors or events at least two weeks in advance of the event date.

A visitor to campus who receives a parking citation can file a visitor quick appeal. Complete the back of ticket with your name, address and reason for your visit. Mail the ticket back to the Parking Services Office in the envelope provided to The University of Scranton, Parking Services Office, 820 Mulberry St., Scranton, PA 18510-0458.

Temporary Permits

Eligible faculty, staff and students who occasionally need to drive a vehicle to campus can purchase a daily permit at the Parking Services office. The daily rate is $2.00 per day.


Snow Days/Parking Ban

When a snow ban is initiated, it will go into effect at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise instructed. Parking is prohibited in all surface parking areas from the time the ban is initiated until 7:30 a.m. A snow ban is activated when snow accumulates or is predicted to accumulate overnight. Vehicles parked on University property during this snow period should use the Parking Pavilion, Wellness Center or additional lots designated in the snow ban announcement. Dial 570-941-5999 (option 2) for parking ban information and updates. It is your responsibility to monitor the snow and parking ban announcements.

View Delays/Cancellations and Compressed Schedules


General Rules and Regulations

All vehicle operators on campus are subject to The University of Scranton parking regulations. Each operator is responsible for knowing and abiding by these regulations.

  • A current parking permit is required to park on University property. Permits are valid only through the displayed expiration date.
  • Permits are not transferable between vehicles. Any attempt to transfer, loan or resell a permit will result in revocation of parking privileges.
  • Persons driving a vehicle to campus without a parking permit must obtain a temporary permit from the Parking Services office or the University Police desk (open 24/7). 
  • Parking is permitted only in areas identified as legal parking spaces by white/yellow stall lines on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Accessible spaces marked with blue and white signs and painted to designate the space for handicapped use are reserved exclusively for vehicles displaying a University of Scranton handicapped permit or visitors whose vehicle bears a disability permit, placard or license plate, issued by a state or federal authority.
  • The responsibility for finding a legal space rests with the motor vehicle operator. The inability to locate a convenient spot is not an excuse for violating University parking regulations.
  • When signs or markings indicate an angle of parking, no vehicle shall be parked except at that angle or occupy more than the space indicated within the lines for the one vehicle.
  • The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour. The speed limit inside the Parking Pavilion is 10 miles per hour.
  • The permit owner is responsible for vehicle licenses, operator licenses, insurance, or appropriate financial responsibility as required by law.
  • A vehicle will be considered in violation of University regulations if it is stopped or standing in a fire lane, no parking area, or restricted zone.
  • Areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered "No Parking" zones.
  • University Police Officers are authorized to tow, at the owner's expense, motor vehicles in violation of University parking regulations.
  • Towed vehicles will be released by the towing company upon receipt of the claim check, which can be obtained from the Parking Services office upon payment of assessed fees and charges.
  • University parking rules, regulations, and enforcement are in effect all year, including periods when classes are not in session.
  • Visitors and guests of the University are permitted to park in legal spaces without obtaining permits between the hours of 5 p.m. Friday through midnight Sunday, except for reserved or authorized vehicle only spaces or as posted.
  • Vehicles obstructing the flow of traffic will be issued a traffic violation ticket. Vehicles must be completely pulled into a parking space and parked between the parking lines.


Fines and Penalties

The schedule of fines for violations is:

No permit $ 20
Improper Display of permit $ 10
Parking in Handicapped Space $ 50 + $125 towing
Parking in No Parking Area $ 20
Parking in a Reserved Space $ 30
Obstructing/Parking in Fire Lane $ 50 + $125 towing
Parking over Stall Line $ 10
Snow Violation $ 20
After Hours $ 20
Careless Driving $ 25
Disregard of Traffic Signs $ 25
Habitual Violator $ 30 + $125 towing
Obstructing Flow of Traffic $ 25
In Pavilion or Wellness after Parking Ban $ 20
Resident Permit Violation $ 30
Incorrect permit type for lot/space $ 30
No Decal/Use of Reserved Space $ 40

Fines are payable in the Parking Services office within ten (10) business days and may be subject to a $10 late payment penalty for each offense.

The fine schedule applies equally to faculty, staff, and students. Students who fail to remit fines will have their registration and transcripts withheld. Staff and faculty who fail to remit fines will have the matter referred to their supervisor or department chairperson. Failure to remit fines may also result in the loss of parking privileges.


Repeat Violations

Violators without a valid parking permit accruing two (2) violations will be classified as habitual and subject to a $30 fine and towing of vehicle at owner's expense.

If your vehicle is towed there is a minimum $125 towing fee plus any outstanding parking tickets. The total will be due in full before the vehicle is released.

Violators with permits accruing three (3) violations may have their campus parking privilege revoked. The registration fee will not be refunded. All violators accruing three (3) violations will be classified as habitual and subject to a $30 fine and towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.

Loss of Parking Privileges

Repeated violation of University parking policy may result in revocation of the privilege to park on campus. Repeat offender records will be presented to the Parking Review Board for final adjudication.


Appeal Procedure

Appeal Procedure: The appeals process is open to students, employees and visitors.
  • Appeals can be submitted online from the parking services portal.  Visit the Parking Portal  
  • Tickets must be paid before you can appeal a ticket. 
  • Appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the issue date of the ticket 
Appeal Decision:
  • The appellant will be notified of the decision by email within 10 days of the board acting on the appeal 
  • If the appeal is denied no further action is required
  • If the appeal is approved a refund in the amount paid will be issued
  • The decision of the Parking Appeal Board is final

Visitor Quick Appeals:

  • Visitors and Guests of the University may file for a visitor quick appeal (one time only)  by filling out the back of the ticket and mailing it back in the envelope provided within 10 days of the issuance date of the ticket. Faculty, staff and students are not eligible for a visitor quick appeal. 


Parking Review Board

The Parking Review Board is comprised of staff, faculty, and students (both undergraduate and graduate) representatives. The Chief of University Police chairs the board but is not a voting member. The Parking Service Manager attends board meetings providing responses to questions of policy on the circumstances of the violation. The Parking Services Manager is not a voting member. A minimum of three voting members must be present for the board to convene. In the event of a tie vote, the Chief of University Police will vote on the violation to resolve the tie.


Agreement to Parking Regulations

The University of Scranton provides parking for students, staff, faculty, and visitors. The University is not responsible for any damage to or theft from vehicles parked on University property. This is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner or operator.

We recommend you take every reasonable precaution to prevent theft and vehicular damage. Such measures include closing all windows, locking all doors, parking in designated areas only, following all traffic signs, refraining from displaying valuables. Should a theft or vehicle damage occur while parked on University property, you should contact University Police for investigative purposes only.


Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility for parking in University parking lots is normally limited to students, faculty, administrators and staff with valid permits. Resident first-year and sophomore students are not permitted vehicles on campus.
If you have a permit but must bring a car without a permit, such as rental car, family car, etc. you must stop by the parking office or police desk (open 24/7) for a temporary parking pass when you arrive on campus. If you need the temporary pass for longer than a day you must provide the license plate number of the vehicle. 
Any vehicle parked on University property without being registered, and displaying a permit may be ticketed and/or towed at owner's expense.
The University of Scranton uses Kelly Towing as its towing contractor. Located at 736 So Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18504. Individuals are advised to contact Kelly Towing at (570) 941-2480 before attempting to retrieve their vehicles to confirm someone will be in the office and available to release the vehicle. 
To purchase a replacement permit you must return remnants of the old permit along with the vehicle registration card for the new car to the parking office. The fee is $5 for a replacement permit. 
The responsibility for finding a legal space rests with the motor vehicle operator. (Inability to locate a convenient spot is not an excuse for violating University parking regulations.)
University parking rules, regulations, and enforcement are in effect all year, including periods when classes are not in session. Visitors and guests are permitted to park in legal spaces without obtaining permits between the hours of 5 p.m. Friday until midnight on Sunday.



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