Environmental Health and Safety

The Campus Health and Safety office works within University Police to ensure compliance with all environmental, occupational and life safety regulations for the campus.  The EHS office provides inspections, audits, and policy development as well as training and consultation to University Departments for their compliance needs.  Additionally, the EHS Office directs the state certified Workplace Safety Committee which operates to identify and address safety concerns on campus and review workplace accidents.  Members and minutes from recent meetings can be found at the link below.

Workplace Safety Committee  

If University staff, faculty or students have any questions or concerns relating to environmental compliance, fire safety or occupational safety, they may contact the office via email at healthandsafety@Scranton.edu, phone at x4277 or by completeing the form at the link below.

Health and Safety Form

Biosafety Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

AED Inventory 

Campus Health and Safety Bulletin - A mechanism for identifying and controlling chemical hazards in the workplace.

Chemicals in Your Workplace

University Latex Policy

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