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Is it Possible to Prevent Crime?

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University Police is dedicated to helping The University community prevent crime, but without the community's help, more crime will occur. Preventing crime and the damage criminal activity does to our community begins with simple crime prevention techniques.

One call can save someone's life, prevent injury, stop criminal acts and a call can have a positive effect on your community. By calling University Police when you see something suspicious, you can help reduce crime. When the community works with UPD, our ability to protect the community increases exponentially. Every call we receive is investigated, and often those who commit crime in our community are apprehended.
When you report suspicious activity or persons on campus, you share the responsibility for your safety and help prevent crime. 

What is Suspicious?

What is Suspicious?
How do I know what I should report?
It's simple. Any thing that seems out of place in a particular area or time of day is suspicious. It can be as obvious as an individual leaving a building when the building is closed or someone checking whether doors are locked.
Here are some examples that would warrant a call to University Police:
  • Loud noises, explosions, screams or the sound of breaking glass at any time of the day- this can be anything from an accident to something very innocent and easily explained to criminal activity.
  • Individuals leaving rooms on your floor when you know the occupant is not home or individuals coming out of buildings that are not open. 
  • Individuals trying room or car doors to see if they can find one open. 
  • Individuals in your residence hall who are unescorted and unfamiliar to you.
If you see something, say something and call University Police. If you're worried your concerns might not seem important, please understand crime is often stopped by a simple phone call.
By not calling, your inaction could allow another member of the University community to become a victim of a crime.

Can I Call Anonymously?

Callers to the Emergency Communications Center can remain anonymous. Complaints will be investigated regardless of whether an individual is willing to leave their name but the responding officers often need more information and being able to speak with the complainant is often the best option.

Members of the University community have the option of reporting criminal activity via the "Silent Witness" and "Talk to the Chief" pages listed below. All replies will be kept confidential.

Silent Witness reporting is not intended for incidents that require an immediate response from police as they are received during regular business hours. Silent Witness reports provide University Police with information regarding ongoing investigations or issues that do not necessitate an immediate response. In the event of an emergency or an incident requiring an immediate response, a reporter can remain confidential by calling University Police at (570) 941-7777 and asking to remain anonymous. While not required, you are encouraged to include the date and location of the incident and the names of any witnesses.  Without some specific information, University Police may not have enough information to appropriately address the issue.  

The "Talk to the Chief" form can also be used University community members can report crime. Again, the reporting person can do so anonymously or add contact information. This form will go to the University Police Chief or his designee and forwarded to the Investigator or other individuals within the department for action. All replies will be kept confidential.

Crime Prevention is a shared responsibility between UPD and the University community. By doing your part, all members of the community benefit. If you see a crime or know about a crime, please contact us at (570) 941-7888 or the emergency number (570) 941-7777. We're all in this together!

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