About the Department

What is the University Police Department?

The University of Scranton Police Department is an armed, full-service police department with jurisdiction on campus and its surrounding neighborhoods, patrolling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

University officers are sworn police officers, with full powers of arrest on or immediately adjacent to property owned by The University of Scranton. The University Police Department works closely with the Scranton Police Department in order to prevent and deter crime on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The University Police Department is located on the first floor of the Parking Pavilion, 820 Mulberry St.


In 2016 The University of Scranton Police Department became one of only six state-accredited Institutions of Higher Ed. Law Enforcement Agencies within Pennsylvania to be accredited by the PLEAC Commission. Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven way of helping law enforcement agencies evaluate and improve their overall performance through the creation of Standard Operating Procedures and Policies to ensure continual compliance with established state-wide accreditation standards. The University of Scranton Police met, and are in compliance with all 136 professional standards and 184 sub-standards by which we were judged.

Law enforcement accreditation is an ongoing process that ensures University Police is in compliance with national ‘best practices’ in policing, covering all aspects of law enforcement, including but not limited to policies, procedures, and operations. Attaining accreditation is truly a great accomplishment for the department, and makes a statement to other law enforcement agencies and our community that The University of Scranton Police Department meets the highest standards of excellence in our profession.

Safety is a shared responsibility, and moving forward, we will continue to ensure The University of Scranton community is one where living, learning and working can flourish.  We understand the importance of education, and believe that an environment that sustains a secure police-citizen partnership makes our campus, as well as our local community, a safe and pleasant place to live.  We welcome your comments, and look forward to continuing to make our university community a place where people want to call home. 

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