Parking Tickets

Parking in a Reserved Space can result in a ticket and having your vehicle towed.

Ticket Information

Since the University of Scranton is an urban campus, parking is at a premium. Parking Services enforces University parking regulations using two methods; parking tickets and towing.

Any vehicle that does not have a University permit, is parked in a lot not assigned to the vehicle's permit, is parked in a handicap space without a handicap decal, is in a no-parking zone or fire zone or violates University parking regulations, will be ticketed. Offenders without a valid permit who accumulate two or more tickets are placed on the Habitual Violator list and are subject to towing. Once on the list, any violation is subject to towing, regardless of whether the violator has any outstanding tickets. Violators can only be removed from the list by purchasing a permit, if eligible.

Tickets range from $10 to $60 (not including towing fees), depending on the violation. Visitors to the campus who are first-time violators are eligible for a visitor quick appeal (see the back of the ticket). Tickets are issued with pre-addressed envelopes and can be paid by placing the ticket and payment (do not send cash) in the envelope, attaching postage and mailing the envelope. Payments can be made online from the Parking Portal click here. Payments can also be made by placing the ticket and payment in the envelope and dropping in the 24-hour drop box available outside of the parking office. Please include your name and address on the envelope. Make check or money order payable to The University of Scranton. We do not accept cash. 

Individuals who believe they have been ticketed improperly can appeal tickets. Tickets must be paid before an appeal can be submitted. Tickets can be paid and appealed from the Parking Portal. Appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the issue date of the ticket 

Students who fail to pay tickets may have their University account placed on hold until the tickets are paid. The hold prevents class registration and the issuance of transcripts. Students who have multiple tickets may have their tickets turned over to the Office of Student Conduct for review.

Staff and faculty who fail to pay tickets may be reported to their supervisors for further action.

Parking Services does track unknown vehicles through many state vehicle registration offices and violators are assessed an additional administrative fee once the vehicle owner is located.

Parking Services is dedicated to providing the University community with as many parking options as possible. Individuals having any questions about parking issues should address these concerns to the Parking Services Office. Parking Services can be reached at: 570-941-7876, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Parking Services is closed weekends.

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