Parking information for Faculty members

Full-Time Faculty Parking Information

Although The University of Scranton is an urban campus with limited parking, sufficient parking spaces are available to meet demand on a daily basis.  Parking Regulations are necessary for the safety and convenience of the entire University community and are designed to allow maximum use of our available parking spaces.
Parking regulations apply on the streets, roads, alleys, sidewalks, walkways, parking spaces, parking areas and parking lots on the entire campus of The University of Scranton Campus. University parking rules, regulations and enforcement are in effect all year, including periods when classes are not in session.
The Parking Services goal is to serve the University community with fairness, courtesy and efficiency. Any parking-related problems, complaints, suggestions or compliments should be referred to Parking Services, Parking Pavilion, 820 Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA 18510. The office is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Full-Time Faculty Registration
  • Faculty members must provide a valid state motor vehicle registration the first time they complete a permit application. A copy of the state motor vehicle registration will be required in subsequent years if the vehicle or license plate information has changed.
  • Permits are issued to full-time and part-time employees.
  • Registration is not complete until the permit has been properly and permanently affixed to the vehicle on the rear, driver's side bumper or the outside, left corner of the rear windshield. Only the current permit should be displayed. Expired permits must be removed. Permits taped to the inside of the vehicle are not properly displayed and are subject to fines.
  • Faculty permits are only valid in Faculty parking Areas.

Faculty Registration Fees

Full-Time Faculty permits are $200.00 and are valid for the current academic year. Part-Time Faculty permits are $55.00 for the current academic year or $30.00 for one semester. Parking permit fees are non-refundable. Parking Permits can be purchased online from the Parking Services Portal. For more information about applying for a university parking permit go to Parking Services on the home page of the my.Scranton portal.

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