DeNaples Center

Networking Opportunities

Career Services and Alumni Central Network

The Center for Career Development provides students and alumni with career and life management assistance, that is consistent with their unique talents, aspirations and vision for living.

Regional Alumni Club

No matter where you live, you're likely to find a Regional Alumni Club near you. Clubs offer alumni a variety of activities, services, and networking opportunities.

Professional Groups

Professional Groups organize special events, continuing education programs and networking opportunities for alumni and students.

Face-to-Face Networking

Alumni events provide casual, comfortable opportunities to meet and network with Scranton graduates living and working in the area. Check the schedule of events to find the next opportunity in your area.

Network Online

Expand your network of people by joining the The Alumni Society of The University of Scranton LinkedIn group.

Beyond the Commons

Beyond the Commons is a dinner series that gives students an opportunity to connect with Scranton alumni. Each dinner, set in a venue in downtown Scranton, brings approximately 15 students together with one to three alumni. The atmosphere of each dinner is casual, and conversation is centered around a specific topic.