Emergency call boxes

SO call boxes

Boxes with keypads can be used to call any local number. In emergencies, just press the red button and connect with a University Police dispatcher!

Regardless of where you are on the campus of The University of Scranton, you are only a few feet from assistance via the call boxes mounted on most buildings and on poles throughout the campus. Some boxes feature a keypad that can be used to call campus phones. Other boxes have a red button that connects the individual directly to a University Police Dispatcher.

Call boxes are identified by their yellow color. At night, call boxes are identified by a blue light shining above them.

To activate a call box, simply press the red button and you will be connected with the University Police dispatcher or dial a campus number on boxes with keypads.

If you need assistance, never hesitate to use a call box. Help is only a few steps away.

Click here for a map of Call Box locations on and off-campus.

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