Royals Back Together


The University of Scranton continues, as we have from the start of the pandemic, to be prudent and deliberate in our decisions and to recognize the singularity of the Scranton experience. We will continue constantly to assess the impact of the pandemic, especially into the future, and will adjust our response as warranted.

The challenge to keep each other safe through this pandemic is a shared responsibility shaped by individual decisions. This plan provides a framework for those decisions.

In all that we do, we must remain grounded in our Catholic and Jesuit mission and in a commitment to community that defines and distinguishes us. We are here to educate our students and to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. We must, therefore, ensure that we support our students above all.

Through our plan, we hope to achieve the one aspiration we have heard more than any other from all Royals – students, faculty and staff – to be fully together again on campus but to do so safely – Royals Back Together.

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