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History of the Schemel Forum

The Schemel Forum was founded in July 2006 by generous gifts to the Rev. George Schemel, SJ, Fund, created by friends of the late Father Schemel in his loving memory to support cultural enrichment and education in the community.

This educational initiative started informally in the fall of 2005 with two seminars, one on Dante's The Divine Comedy, taught by Rebecca Beal Professor and one on The Federalist Papers, taught by Attorney Morey M. Myers. Both were immensely successful and the students - professors, lawyers, doctors, civic leaders, etc., were most eager to continue with such illuminating, participatory learning experiences. Thus in winter 2006, Professor Beal led a seminar on Virgil's Aeneid and Attorney Myers collaborated with Provost Hal Baillie and former University President William J. Byron, SJ, in offering a seminar on "The Individual and Society."

It has become clear that there is a hunger in the community for the cultivation of the intellect and the imagination and study of classical texts and current policies, from the arts, history and philosophy to technology and theology. Accordingly, The Schemel Forum will be increasing the number and variety of its offerings - shopping, "Insights" luncheon programs, concerts and other performing and visual arts experiences, and special events. The Schemel Forum at the University of the United States The program is designed to ensure strong growth. The spirit that created and guides The Schemel Forum reflects on the reality of the world.

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Alicen Morrison
Schemel Forum Assistant
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Schemel Forum Director