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Royals Back Together

Royals Back Together

Dear Schemelites:

Can Spring Be Far Behind? The 19th century British poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley,
thought so, so let his words brighten these pandemic days that we metaphorically
call our winter. We ask questions-- with a bit of desperation. Is there a spike in our
region? Is the death rate growing? Will enough people be vaccinated?

Although we are proud that the Schemel Forum has endured and even grown during
the pandemic, that people adapted to courses given remotely and Distinguished
World Affairs Luncheon Seminars going lunchless, we are eagerly looking forward to
a more normal spring. We have worked diligently to “spring up” to the challenges,
selecting interesting courses taught by fine faculty members and inviting in nationally
renowned scholars and journalists to enlighten us in these troubling times. We are
hoping to meet in person and at the same time are prepared to switch to virtual
if/when we need to.

These days there is always a “what if?” to our statements—we’ve grown accustomed
to that. We promise that--whatever the weather or health announcements— we
will have an interesting and enlightening assortment of courses and speakers at
the Schemel Forum.

Thank you for putting up with Zooms and lunchless luncheon seminars-- and join
with us in welcoming in the Schemel Spring.

Be safe and well.

Warm regards, 

Sondra Myers

Director, The Schemel Forum

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