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Nothing will replace the comraderie of our World Affairs Luncheon Seminars and our six-session Evening Courses. That said, notwithstanding the limits thrust upon us by the pandemic, Schemel lives on! Thanks to the wonders of Zoom, we have had a semester rich in courses and speakers. We have continued to read and discuss texts, agree and disagree, continuing to enjoy the opportunity to learn together. True we have missed the live interaction that has stimulated and delighted us through the years—not to mention the big cookies—but we have adapted to our new (and hopefully temporary) constraints. We have proven our resilience and continuing appetite for learning.

Given the circumstances, we begin our Spring semester on Zoom. It may well be that we will continue Zoom all through to May. To be sure if we find that we have the opportunity to switch back to learning in person, we will seize it. If not, we will continue on this remote path throughout.

All that said I hope you will find the Spring offerings to your taste.

The Schemel Forum lives on—because of you and for you!

Warm regards,
Sondra Myers


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