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The Schemel Forum: Who Are We?

I’ve always dreamed of a post-provincial world and just maybe that dream has been turned into a reality — or an approach to a reality — in the Schemel Forum. We are a world that is globalized, that is interdependent, and that is more accessible than ever before both physically and electronically — for better and worse. It’s better because knowing more can help us to do more — identify and solve more problems, feel more connected to people who are different from us, collaborate across borders, help to reduce the amount of poverty, illness and illiteracy in our communities and in places we’ve never been to. It’s worse when it opens new wounds, evokes new hatred of others, more defensiveness and fear, making us feel inconsequential — “nobodies.” The goal of the Schemel Forum is to introduce us — to give us — in this small postindustrial city — access to the world as it is today. We have been a place to “be from.” Let it be a place to “be in.” We are as near to New York as some of its far-out suburbs. Higher education is one of our most significant assets. The Schemel Forum invites out of school adults into the world of thought and discussion. In the thirteen years that the Schemel Forum has been at The University of Scranton, we have grown exponentially in our offerings and our clientele, in our collaborations with other entities and our openness to more of all the above. As I repeat and vow to continue — we go for the gold. It is the quality of our programs that wins the admiration of the community; that sets a standard — that makes us an asset to the region. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to bring the world to Scranton and Scranton to the world. My thanks go to The University of Scranton, its faculty and administrators, to the outstanding thinkers who agree to come here to speak and to the out of school adults who join us in learning together.


Sondra Myers

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