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The Schemel Forum:  Who Are We?

We are still the program that aims to bring the world to Scranton, but circumstances beyond our control--to understate the situation—call for us to offer our courses and speakers remotely this semester. You can expect the high standards that have defined Schemel throughout its fourteen year history, but our delivery system will change temporarily.

We long for the days of socializing--not social spacing, the lecture room--not the Zoom screen, the lunch tables where ideas were the stuff of our conversations, not Zoom gazing.  But for now, this is our reality. The essence of what we do--keeping people who seek knowledge in the loop, learning what historians, philosophers, scientists and journalists are thinking about, opening our hearts and minds to the challenges of the present encouraging all of us to be the informed and engaged citizens that our times demand, will remain.

Scranton seems to have become a popular metaphor for small struggling cities that are obsolescent.  But we are determined to make the place we live in the place we want to live in. As citizens we are obliged to know--to understand and when necessary make changes in our society. For people of diverse backgrounds who have the trait that Einstein considered most important- curiosity--Schemel will be here for you.

I see the pandemic as a dark cloud over us causing us to be in a kind of stasis. Even worse it has taken tens of thousands of our lives. But it has not frozen our minds. We still can and must read, discuss ideas and issues and seek ways to make our world safer, smarter and more just.

Meantime Schemel will be here to help in the struggle to maintain our sanity and acknowledge our interdependence.

Warm regards,
Sondra Myers


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