The Royden B. Davis, S. J., Award

The Royden B. Davis, S. J.,
Distinguished Author Award
Brandy Schillace, Ph.D.

Saturday, November 16, 2024

Brandy Schillace, Ph.D.

Book Signing & Meet the Author
4:00 pm: DeNaples Center, 2nd-floor Lobby

Distinguished Author Reception & Award Presentation
with Cocktails, Hors d'oeuvres, Dinner & Desserts
5:00 pm: DeNaples Center, McIlhenny Ballroom.

Distinguished Author Keynote
6:30 pm: DeNaples Center, McIlhenny Ballroom

Brandy Schillace, Ph.D., is a celebrated author, historian, and medical humanities scholar. Her work has been widely recognized for its interdisciplinary approach, blending science, history, and storytelling to explore the human experience of medicine and mortality.

Her recent novel, The Framed Women of Ardemore House (Hanover Square Press), showcases her ability to craft compelling narratives that blend historical detail with psychological intrigue. Set in Victorian-era England, the book follows the story of a woman young who finds herself trapped in a sinister plot orchestrated by the enigmatic owner of Ardemore House. As the protagonist unravels the secrets of the house and its inhabitants, she must confront the dark realities of gender, power, and identity in a society that seeks to silence and control women

Schillace's meticulous research and vivid prose bring the novel's world to life, immersing readers in the atmospheric setting and the complex inner lives of her characters. The novel has been praised for its feminist themes, exploration of the psychological toll of oppression, and gripping plot twists.

The Framed Women of Ardemore House has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted readership. Kirkus Reviews called it "a mesmerizing tale of secrets, lies, and the lengths women will go to break free from the frames that confine them," while Booklist praised Schillace's "masterful storytelling" and "unflinching examination of the dark corners of the human psyche."

Dr. Schillace is also the author of several acclaimed non-fiction and fiction books. Her nonfiction work showcases her unique ability to bridge the gap between the humanities and the sciences. Her nonfiction work includes Mr. Humble and Dr. Butcher (Simon & Schuster), which was praised by The New York Times as "a fascinating and deeply unsettling story, told with great skill and sensitivity,” Death's Summer Coat (Pegasus Books), and Clockwork Futures (Pegasus Books).

As a medical historian, Dr. Schillace has made significant contributions to the field, shedding light on the social, cultural, and political aspects of medicine throughout history. Her research has been supported by grants and fellowships from prestigious institutions such as the Wellcome Trust, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the American Council of Learned Societies.

Dr. Schillace's work has been featured in numerous publications, including The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Lancet, and Scientific American. She has also been a featured speaker at conferences and events worldwide, captivating audiences with her engaging presentations and thought-provoking insights.

In addition to her writing and research, Dr. Schillace is a dedicated educator and mentor. She has taught at various institutions, including Case Western Reserve University and Youngstown State University, where she inspired students to explore the intersections of science, history, and the humanities.

For her outstanding contributions to literature and the medical humanities, Brandy Schillace, Ph.D., is the recipient of the 2024 Royden B. Davis, S.J., Distinguished Author Award. Her work continues to enrich our understanding of the human experience and the role of medicine in shaping our lives and societies.

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