The Charles Kratz Scranton Heritage Room

The Charles Kratz Scranton Heritage Room, located on the fifth floor of the library, is an inspirational space meant for study, reflection, and relaxation. The room features natural lighting, expansive views of the city of Scranton, a fireplace, comfortable seating, and several furnishings from the original Scranton residence, the Estate. One highlight of the room is the series of panels forming a mural around the perimeter. This artwork by Trevor Southey was commissioned especially for the Heritage Room. Each panel in turn represents a range of achievement in the arts, religion, and science and technology in Northeastern Pennsylvania and on a global scale. For more details, see the Heritage Room Information Guide.

Various exhibits are on display at different times throughout the year in the Heritage Room. These include themed exhibits of artifacts and documents from the University's archives and special collections, exhibits showcasing faculty scholarship and University alumni authors, and the library's Environmental Art Show.

On May 13, 2022, the Heritage Room was renamed as the Charles Kratz Scranton Heritage Room to honor Dean Emeritus Charles E. Kratz, Jr. Charles Kratz was a steadfast servant of The University of Scranton for 28 years, had much to do in the design of the Library and the Heritage Room, and served as the first Dean of the Library and Information Fluency.

The Heritage Room also serves as the venue for campus and community events such as lectures, receptions, student award presentations, and the library's annual Book Sale. To reserve the Heritage Room for an event, use the Heritage Room Reservation Request Form.

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