Online Learning Management System


The University of Scranton uses Brightspace as its Learning Management System (LMS). 

Access to Brightspace
Brightspace is available via My.Scranton by clicking on the waffle icon in the upper right corner, then choosing Brightspace. Your credit-bearing courses will be loaded into Brightspace 45 days prior to the official start date for the course if they are properly entered in the master schedule. Brightspace synchonizes with the master schedule twice daily (1:00pm and 3:00am) for the purpose of student drop/adds and course additions/deletions. Students will have access to these courses 21 days prior  to the official start date for the course until 21 days after the official end date for the course. If you need a course date extended due to an incomplete, please email

Your Brightspace Homepage

Please organize your Brightspace homepage by unpinning your old courses and pinning your new courses.

Unpin old courses by clicking on the pin icon for any course tile.

Pin a new course by:

1.  Clicking on "View all courses" at the bottom of the My Courses widget
2.  Use the filter function in the upper right-hand corner to choose the new semester
3.  Find the new course(s) and hover over each course tile individually
4.  Click the "… " icon in the upper right-hand corner
5.  Click “Pin”
6.  Repeat for each course
7.  Return to homepage

Also, you may use the Waffle Icon at the top of your Brightspace homepage to search for, pin and up-pin courses. The choice is yours.

Copy (rollover) content to Brightspace

In addition to adding content manually to your current Brightspace course, you can copy (rollover) content from a previous semester's course. To copy course content from another Brightspace course, follow these steps:

• Access the empty/destination course
• Navigate to More --> Edit Course (top right)
• Under Site Resources, click on Import/Export/Copy Components
• Keep the Copy Components from another Org Unit checked and click Search for Offering
• In the search window, enter the CRN for the source course that you want to copy content from
• Click Add Selected
• Click Copy All Components. The system will begin the copy process; it may take several minutes for the copy process to complete. If you only want to copy some components click Select Components.

Community Groups

Faculty can request to have a Brightspace community group created for purposes other than an official credit-bearing. For example, a group could be created for committee membership, special projects or to disseminate documentation for large cohorts.

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