The Writing Center

 Welcome to the CTLE Writing Center. The Writing Center is a safe space where students can work on their papers and assignments while receiving help from well-trained peer consultants.

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In the CTLE (LSC582):

Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm

The Reilly Learning Commons:

Monday-Thursday: 5pm-9pm

Sundays 10am - 9pm

*Hours are subject to change. Please see WCOnline for the most up-to-date schedule.

The Writing Center is located on the 5th floor of the Loyola Science Center, Room 582.  This is also known as the Harper-McGuiness Wing.

All evening and weekend hours are held in the Reilly Learning Commons. We are located in the first two study rooms on the left.


We recommend making an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. During finals and busier times, please leave three to four days for scheduling.

Students can make an appointment by logging onto my.scranton and clicking: Self-service>Student Services and Financial Aid>CTLE Menu

For help using WCOnline, please click here: WCOnline Tutorial Videos

Online students and distance learners should contact for information regarding virtual appointments.



Our consultants are highly-qualified graduate and undergraduate students who have been carefully chosen because of their writing ability and experience with tutoring.  Writing Center work is challenging and rewarding. Consultants meet new people, sharpen their own writing skills, and live the Jesuit principle of “men and women for others.”

To learn more about becoming a Writing Center Consultant, click here: academics/ctle/writing/jobdescription

For more information about our director, click here.

What happens during a consultation?

Think of your consultant as a writing “coach.”  A consultant will not edit your paper for you, and s/he will not “correct” your paper for you.  Rather, a consultant works with your individual strengths and weaknesses to develop strategies for improvement.  You will be an active participant in this process. 

What should I bring to my consultation?

Bring the assignment sheet if you have one.  Also bring any notes, outlines, or drafts you may have written. If you don't have a draft, don't worry. We can help you by discussing the assignment, brainstorming ideas, planning and drafting your essay as well as revising, editing, and proofreading it.

When is the best time to visit the Writing Center?

 The sooner, the better. You do not have to have a draft to come to the writing center.   We can help you plan your paper by brainstorming, interpreting the assignment, and prewriting.

Later in the writing process, once you have a rough draft, we will focus on content and organization, development or support of ideas. We can also work with you on sentence-level revisions, on editing strategies, and on proofreading skills.

Too many students wait until the day before a paper is due to visit the Writing Center, which doesn't allow adequate time for anything other than superficial editing and puts undue pressure on you and your consultant. To improve your writing skills, do what successful writers do - seek out readers' feedback early and seek it often.

I consider myself a good writer. Can I still use the Writing Center?

Absolutely!  The Writing Center is part of the CTLE: The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  As the name suggests, the CTLE helps students to achieve a level of excellence in their work.  Some of the University’s best students use the Writing Center on a regular basis.

Last Modified: January 28, 2020