Leaves of Class Raffle for 2021

With the uncertainty of the length and severity of the pandemic, the Friends of the Library Board sent notice on July 2, 2020 of their decision to place our Leaves of Class Raffle on hiatus for 2021. The Leaves of Class Committee felt soliciting businesses in person during Summer 2020 would have been difficult with many businesses closed or having reduced hours, as well as the feeling that it would be insensitive to ask for donations when so many businesses were suffering.

We know these are trying times for many of us, especially our local small businesses. A list of our most recent sponsors is available on this page. We ask that all of our Friends continue support these businesses if you are able.

To continue supporting the Friends of the Library, please purchase or renew a membership. The online form can be found here: https://www.scranton.edu/academics/wml/friends/friends-benefits.shtml

We appreciate your ongoing support.