Printing, Scanning, and Fax Service


Need to print that syllabus, those lecture notes, that paper? You can do it in the library! Students and visitors to the Weinberg Memorial Library can send print jobs to one of our Pharos print stations from all Library computers as well as from personal laptops and mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and from the library's Scannx book scanners.

Sending a Print Job

On-Campus Printing

Off-Campus Printing

Visitors have a dedicated Pharos print station on the public computer table in the Pro Deo Room on the 1st floor. The username is patron and the password is patron.

Paying for Prints

To cover the costs of paper and toner, the library charges a fee for printing at our workstations. Charges are per side of paper. The default setting is for duplex printing; a single sheet of paper would have two printed sides. 

Print Type Cost Per Side of Paper
Black and White $0.07
Color $0.25

Students, faculty, and staff may pay for prints using funds on their Royal Card. Visitors can purchase Visitor copy/print cards at the library’s 1st floor Library Services Desk. Funds may be added to Royal Cards and Visitor Cards via the Royal Card Online Office or at the Value Transfer Station located on the 1st floor. Color printing is available for those with University of Scranton Royal Cards.  For those who are not affiliated with the University, the Scranton Public Library has color printing.

Student Printing Subsidy

The library subsidizes student printing by adding money to each student's Royal Card (Tender 1 account) for each semester the student is enrolled. The funding is applied on the first day of the session and remains until the end of the academic year. Once the student uses all of the subsidized funds, prints are charged to the student's Royal Card (Tender 2 account). Subsidized prints apply only to computer printing, not to photocopying.

Students can view the balance remaining in their subsidized printing allocation via the Royal Card Online Office or the Value Transfer Station located on the 1st floor. The student's account balance is also displayed each time they print from a Pharos print station.

Allocations are applied thusly:


The Weinberg Memorial Library has three Scannx Book Scanners. One is in the copy room in the Reilly Learning Commons, one is in the Pro Deo Room, and the third is in the 2nd floor computer lab. Books and documents can be scanned and saved in a variety of formats, including searchable pdf. Files can then be sent to a USB flash drive, email account, device such as phone or tablet, or Google Drive. The scanners are a greener alternative to printing, and there is no cost to scan. If prints are desired, choose the email option, and be sure to use your account. Send your document to

Fax Service

Fax service is available at the Library Services Desk on the 1st floor. Within the United States, the cost for outgoing fax pages is $1.00 per page; international faxes are $4.00 per page. Incoming faxes are $.50 per page.

As an alternative to faxing, you can use one of our scanners to copy a document, and then e-mail the copy at no charge.

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