Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library, established in 1994, is the longest-standing and most dedicated charitable group supporting The University of Scranton's Library. Their unwavering commitment and fundraising efforts have been instrumental in the Library's growth and success, enabling it to serve the academic and scholarly needs of students and faculty while also providing invaluable resources to the Northeastern Pennsylvania community.

 As a Catholic and Jesuit University, the Weinberg Memorial Library remains committed to being a free resource for community schools and the public at large. The Friends of the Library have played a crucial role in supporting this mission by building an endowment that grows with each new member, renewed membership, and generous donation. The endowment's earnings contribute to annual purchases for the Library's collections, sponsorship of engaging community programs, and continuous improvements to the Library's services and spaces.

 One of the most notable contributions of the Friends has been their support for renovations to the Library's 2nd floor and the Charles Kratz Scranton Heritage Room, affectionately known as "The University's Crown Jewel." These enhancements have greatly enriched the Library's ability to serve its patrons and provide an inviting environment for learning and exploration.

 Through their efforts, the Friends have fostered a vibrant community of individuals who value libraries, cultural enrichment, lifelong learning, and the advancement of knowledge. The organization's countless successes, including the Royden B. Davis, S.J., Distinguished Author Award, the Ann Moskovitz Leaves of Class Raffle, and the Annual Book Sale, are a testament to the tireless work of its members and volunteers.

 The Royden B. Davis, S.J., Distinguished Author Award connects book lovers in the community with acclaimed authors, providing insights into their literary pursuits and impressions. The Ann Moskovitz Leaves of Class Raffle, named in honor of Friends President Emerita Ann Moskovitz, offers participants the chance to win incredible prizes while supporting the Friends' worthy causes. The Annual Book Sale, held in the Library's stunning Heritage Room, is a beloved Northeast Pennsylvania tradition where donated books find new homes at bargain prices.

 By becoming a member of The University of Scranton's Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library, you can help sustain and expand the Library's positive impact on the community. Your support will ensure that this vital institution continues to thrive, serving as a beacon of knowledge and cultural enrichment for generations to come.

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 Thank you,

George J. Aulisio,Dean of the Weinberg Memorial Library &
Treasurer of the Friends of the Library