To make readings available to your class, you may use electronic reserves (e-reserves), print reserves, or both. In the interest of sustainability and student usability, the Library recommends e-reserves. Media materials may also be put on reserve.

How to place items on reserve

Search for reserves

Go to the e-reserves website


  1. Sending your syllabus helps us prioritize material so that those items needed first are processed first.
  2. Processing takes 48 hours. Please allow this amount of time before announcing reserves to your classes. Obtaining copyright clearance takes time, so please submit reserves as early as possible.
  3. Copyright law requires full bibliographic information (author, title, publisher or volume and issue, pages, and copyright date).
  4. 24  Pa. C.S.A. Sect 4428 prohibits disclosure of individual circulation information.

Copyright Restrictions

Reserves adhere to fair use guidelines.

Library staff undertake the processing, securing permission and paying all necessary copyright fees. Please allow extra processing time for the items that require clearance, including:

  • More than 1 article or excerpt by an author.
  • More than 1 article or excerpt from a book or periodical volume.
  • Articles or chapters more than 26 pages in length.

Course packs cannot be placed on reserve. All materials will contain a notice of copyright. If the source cannot be identified for copyright purposes, that item cannot be placed on reserve.

More on copyright

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