Work Study Jobs

Interested in working at the Weinberg? As a Library student worker, you can gain valuable work experience and develop new skills while earning money to help fund your education. 

Each year, the Weinberg Memorial Library offers as many as 35 work study positions, many with flexible scheduling and some with evening, weekend, summer, and intersession hours available. We hire students through the Financial Aid Office, and students who are eligible for Federal, State, or University Work Study may apply.

Work study positions exist in several Library departments, as described below.

Apply by filling out the Library Work Study Application form.

Circulation Services

Contact: Patricia Savitts

Hours: Day, Night, Weekend, Summer, Intersession

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide customer service to patrons including charging/discharging library materials, answering telephones, and answering directional questions.
  • Assist patrons in accessing materials when needed.
  • Participate in stack maintenance and shelving of periodicals and books in correct call number order.
  • Be attentive to surroundings while working in the library, reporting anything out of the ordinary to staff member.
  • Assist in maintaining photocopiers, fax machine, printers and paper supplies.

Digital Services

Contact: Colleen Farry

Hours: Day, Summer, Intersession

Primary Responsibilities: Students support the Library's digital collections which contain rare materials from the University Archives and McHugh Family Special Collections. Job responsibilities include: assisting with digital exhibits, digitizing and describing archival photographs and documents, and promoting collections through social media.

Preferred Qualifications: Students are assigned projects based on their skills, abilities, and interests. Students who excel in our department tend to have one or more of the following qualifications: interest in digital history, special collections, and archives, high level of attention to detail, ability to work independently.

Library Dean's Office

Contact: Kym Fetsko

Hours: Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Lunch coverage (12:00-1:00) is desirable.

Primary Responsibilities: Perform clerical work for the Library Administrative Assistant.

Preferred Qualifications: Applicant should have experience in Excel, Word, answering of phones (have strong communication skills) and filing.

Other Information: Preference given to local/commuter students. Position will normally be available to the chosen candidate throughout his/her academic years or until his/her graduation.

McHugh Special Collections

Contact: McHugh Special Collections

Hours: Day, Summer, Intersession

Primary Responsibilities: Students work directly with rare and fragile library materials. Duties include: sorting archival materials and placing them in acid-free folders and document boxes, labeling folders and boxes by hand, and typing archival collection data into Microsoft Excel and Access to create finding aids.  Other responsibilities include shelving/paging books and archives, stacks maintenance and shifting of book/archival collections, photocopying requested materials, assisting in preparation for class visits and exhibits, and other special projects, as needed.

Preferred Qualifications: Students must be able to type on a laptop, write neatly with pencil, perform repetitive tasks, lift at least 30 lbs., climb a step-stool, and work independently.

Media Resources

Contact: Sharon Finnerty

Hours: Day, Night, Weekend, Summer, Intersession

Primary Responsibilities: Students discharge and accept return of audio-video materials using Sierra. They assist patrons with finding materials, using electronics and streaming media. Students shelf read, answer the telephone, clean CDs, DVDs, and VCR tapes and convert archival VHS tapes to DVDs.  Students check for the correct operation and display of streaming media titles and assist with additional tasks as needed.

Preferred Qualifications: Students should have customer service experience as well as knowledge of Word and Excel.

Technical Services

Contact: Marleen Cloutier

Hours: Day, Fall, Spring

Essential Duties: Technical Services Work Study Students work directly with library materials and support the Technical Services office with the ongoing maintenance activities related to the Library’s collection. Job responsibilities include physically preparing library materials to go on the shelf (tagging, labeling, stamping, and book plating), searching the catalog and databases, retrieving, shifting, and shelving materials, data entry in Word or Excel, filing, and other tasks as assigned under the supervision of the Cataloging and Metadata Librarian.

Preferred Qualifications: Must be able to perform repetitive and detailed work tasks with high level of accuracy and close attention to detail, work independently, knowledge of Word and Excel, may need to lift heavy cartons of books (up to 40 lbs.), push heavy book trucks throughout the library.

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