Summer 2020 Grading Information

Student Information

The Provost has extended the Spring 2020 Credit Satisfactory/Credit Deficiency/No Credit and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option into the regular and special Summer 2020 terms.

Undergraduate students may apply for credit satisfactory/credit deficiency/no credit (CS/CD/NC)” grading and graduate students may apply for "satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U)" grading on eligible courses by the deadlines promulgated on the academic calendar.

Students who wish to retain a letter grade for a course in which they are currently enrolled need not take any further action.

Process for Requesting CS/CD/NC or S/U Grading Option:

The following process is required to submit a request for a credit satisfactory/credit deficiency/no credit or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade this semester.

The student will:

  • Review the list of factors and frequently asked questions to consider, below, before applying to change your grading option to CS/CD/NC (undergraduate) or S/U (graduate). The factors are also enumerated on a “Request for CS/CD/NC or S/U Grading Option Form” that students must submit.  Students must confirm that they have considered these factors before applying for an alternate grading mode.
  • Contact his/her advisor or Dean's Office (undergraduate) or program director (graduate) to discuss if taking a course(s) with a CS/CD/NC or S/U grading mode, respectively, is the best choice given individual circumstances.
  • Contact any other pertinent individuals who may help guide their decision-making process, such as the Office of Financial Aid, their pre-health or pre-law advisor, or their employer.
  • Carefully think through this grading option before submitting the request form, as the University cannot anticipate all future unintended consequences of your CS/CD/NC or S/U grading selection.
  • Prepare a list of course subjects, course numbers and course “CRNs” for which the student plans to seek an alternate grading mode (i.e. ACC252, crn 31624 and T/RS122, crn 31391). This list will be needed to complete the request form, which can accommodate multiple requested courses.  Only one form per part-of-term is permitted.
  • By no later than the deadlines listed on the academic calendar (also noted in the tabs below), file a "Request for CS/CD/NC or S/U Grading Option for Summer 2020/Special Summer Form."  Please submit the form only after making your final decision.  Once submitted, your selections cannot be changed.
  • Once chosen, the Credit Satisfactory/Credit Deficiency/No Credit or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option cannot be reversed in anticipation of a high letter grade; conversely, the likelihood of a lower grade is not grounds for a belated request for Credit Satisfactory/Credit Deficiency/No Credit or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade.

The Dean's Office will:

  • Review the Request for CS/CD/NC or S/U Grading Option Form and render a final decision on the student’s request.
  • Contact the student if a request is denied.
  • Forward the appropriate information to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Services for processing.

The Office of the Registrar and Academic Services will:

  • Ensure that student records are updated to reflect approved change of grade mode requests.
  • Email each student a confirmation once the request has been processed.

Please contact your advisor, Dean's Office or Office of the Registrar and Academic Services should you have any questions.

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