Access Your Student Advisor Profile

The Student Advisor Profile is a University of Scranton application installed jointly by the Office of the Registrar and Academic Services and Information Technology.  This application allows students to have an overall view of their academic information in a centralized location.  Each student's assigned academic advisor has a similar view of their advisee's profile.

The following information is available on the Student Advisor Profile:

  • Student biographical information - Name, Email, Phone Number, and Royal ID Number
  • General information - Academic Level, Class, Active Status, Student Type, Campus and the First and Last Terms Attended
  • Advisor(s) name
  • Current curriculum, including Institutional, Transfer and Overall Earned Hours and GPA
  • Prior Schools Attended and Test Scores
  • Current classes
  • Advising notes
  • Registration status
  • Current Holds
  • Link to view your unofficial academic transcript and generate a CAPP

How to Access the Student Advisor Profile

  1. Log in to using your username and password.
  2. Click the Students menu, under Student Links:
  3. Select Academic Record Information
  4. Select Student Profile
Student Profile
  1. Term - Displays academic information for the chosen term
  2. Curriculum and Courses - Displays curriculum information for the primary degree, secondary degree, and hours earned towards the degrees.
    1. Primary Degree Tab
    2. Secondary Degree Tab
    3. Hours Earned and GPA tab
  3. Prior Education and Testing - Displays High School and Post-Secondary information as well as any placement testing scores recorded in your record.
  4. Degree Evaluation - Link to your CAPP on-line degree evaluation tool
  5. Academic Transcript - Link to your unofficial web transcript
  6. Student Schedule - Link to your schedule for the selected term
  7. Week at a Glance - Link to your week at a glance schedule for the selected term
  8. View Grades - Link to view your grades in a comprehensive format
  9. Office of the Registrar Forms - Link to Office of the Registrar and Academic Services forms
  10. Notes Tab - Select this tab to view advising notes from your Advisor
  11. Overall Hours and Overall GPA - Displays overall hours earned and cumulative GPA
  12. Registered Courses - Displays registered courses for the selected term
  13. Registration Notices - Displays all registration notices
  14. Holds - Displays holds for the selected term


Questions regarding the Student Advisor Profile should be directed to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Services at or (570)941-7721.
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