Submitting Your Grades

  1. Log into by typing in your Royal ID number and password.
    *Select Home, under Manage Your Personal Information:
    *Click Self Service 
    *Click the Faculty Services tab.
    *Click Final Grades or Mid Term Grades (as applicable)

  2. In the Select Term box that next appears, click the drop-down arrow to get a list of terms from which to choose.  Click the term for which you ar submitting grades to highlight it and click Submit.

    Note: Any term with the word "Special" in the description is a special term for some graduate online programs.

  3. In the Select CRN  box that next appears, click the drop-down arrow to get the courses and their CRNs.  Select your course and click Submit to bring up that course roster.

  4. Scroll down through the instructional information at the top of the roster until you see the student list.  While working in this form, click the Submit Grades button at the bottom of the page often so that you will not time out. Please disregard the columns "Last Attend Date" and "Attend Hours".

  5. To assign a grade to each student, select a grade from the drop-down box on each student's record. Every student must be assigned a final grade.  If you intentionally omit a grade for a particular student, please not that in the comments area so that the Registrar's Office will not contact you about a missing grade.  Midterm grads are only submitted for freshmen and for upperclass undergraduate students who have deficient grades

    Note: If a student has opted to take the course on a Credit/No Credit basis, only  the following grades will appear: CS (Credit Satisfactory), CD (Credit Deficiency), and NC (No Credit), plus I(Incomplete) which should not be used at midsemester point.  If the student has formally withdrawn, only a W grade should appear.  If the student is auditing the course, only an AU grade will appear.

  6. If the grade is a deficient grade (C-, D+, D, F, U, CD or NC) enter one or more deficiency codes by clicking on the respective check box or boxes.
    [1=Deficient because of test grades; 2=Deficient because of assignments, projects, quizzes;  3=Deficient
    because of absences; 4-Deficient because of background/aptitude.]

  7. You may type or edit any comments you wish regarding this specific course in the scrollable text area just above the student names on each roster.

  8. After you have finished entering all of your grades click the Submit Grades button at the bottom of the page one last time before you exit the form. A message reminding you to include deficient grade codes will appear and another that says "...WITHOUT ANY ERRORS...", indicating that your grades and course comments were successfully saved and submitted.

  9. You may print a copy of your submitted grades now or later.  Keeping a copy will show that your grades were submitted as you intended, and can be very helpful if there is a problem.

  10. To access another of your CRN's click on the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the screen.
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