Faculty Student Research Program

  • This program offers you the opportunity to be involved in faculty research activities that includes a powerful learning experience that transcends the traditional roles of faculty student relationships.
  • Participation is open to all undergraduates and graduate students in good academic standing.
  • Offered on a non-credit basis, but students will receive transcript recognition

How does it work?

The student will choose a sponsor of their choice or from the maintained list of faculty sponsors located on this website. After a potential sponsor is chosen, interested students will meet with the sponsor to discuss the research and activities involved. When an agreement between the student and faculty is reached, they complete a joint learning contract, found on the ORSP website, detailing the nature of the research and the task involved.


  • Minimum of one full semester, summer or intercession term
  • Work may continue beyond one term but you MUST register each term
  • 20 to 50 hours should be devoted per term to research activities (exact schedule will vary)

No experience? No problem. Most faculty members are not looking for students with prior research experience. They are looking for energetic and reliable students who genuinely want to participate. 

Learning Contract:

Please complete the fillable learning contract form: Learning Contract Form