How to Access Your Class Lists for a Term

If you are the faculty of record on University of Scranton courses for a term, you can access your specific class schedules online.

To access your class schedules, access the Scranton intranet portal at using the CHROME browser.  Log in using your University of Scranton Royal ID number and my.scranton password.  Then do the following:

  • Click Home, locate the Launchpad Card:
  • Click Self Service 
  • Click the Faculty Services tab
  • Click the Detail Class List 
  • Choose a term from the term search area
  • When presented with your crn list, please click in the white space immediately next to the course and section number.

Banner 9 class list tip 

Record Student Attendance for a Term

Record Attendance: The University no longer distributes paper class rosters for student attendance verification. You may view your Class List using the Self Service feature in Banner 9. We ask that you report class attendance by the University deadline through the Attendance and Early Alert System using the following steps:

 1. Click the “Faculty” tab in and click on the Attendance & Early Alert link under the “Faculty Dashboard” heading or click the Attendance & Early Alert link on the “Faculty Services” tab of Self-Service;

2. Click on one of your courses to review the class roster;

3.  All students are noted as attending as the default attendance status in the left-hand column. If a student is not attending class, please click on the purple “Attending” button; it will toggle to “Not Attending;”

4.  Finish reporting attendance for all students on the roster;

5.  Click the “Submit Attendance and Early Alerts” button when you are done, even if there are no changes to record. Your submission will be confirmed with a green heading.

Please note: If a student is attending your class but their name is not present on the attendance roster, please direct the student to their Dean’s office. The student may not attend class without formally registering for the course.

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