Transcript Requests


 The University of Scranton has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering via the Web. You can order transcripts using any major credit card. Your card will be charged after your order is fulfilled.

The University of Scranton's electronic records for students enrolled in the fall of 1992 and thereafter allows for an electronic delivery option for transcripts that may be delivered within twenty-four hours. If you completed coursework prior to August 1992, you may complete your request online, however, you will be limited to ordering a physical copy of your transcript.   

Please place your transcript order 
after 1:00 pm on or after the date below to include grades from the following terms: 

  • Summer 2022, part-of-term 1 Full Term: August 30, 2022
  • Summer 2022, part-of-term - M1 and M6: July 7, 2022
  • Summer 2022, part-of-term - M2, M8 and M10: August 12, 2022 
  • Special Summer 2022, part-of-term - 2A, 4A, 4B: July 1, 2022
  • Special Summer 2022, part-of-term - 2B, 4C, 4D: August 26, 2022

IMPORTANT: Degrees awarded on August 31, 2022 will display on transcripts after 3:00pm on September 2, 2022. If ordered before then, the degree awarded will not appear. 

Click Here to Request Your Transcript 


Visit NSC's Help Center for detailed instructions. (You may need to reference the transcript order number that was emailed to you.)    If you have any other questions, please email or call 570-941-7721.