Preparing to Register

Graduate Students

Follow instructions to register given to you by your program director.
The first day for graduate students to register for Summer/Fall 2019 is March 27, 2019.

Undergraduate Students Follow Instructions Below:

Registration for undergraduate students for Summer/Fall 2019 courses begins as follows:

          57.00 or more earned hours                Registration begins March 29, 2019
          27.00-56.99 earned hours                   Registration begins April 5, 2019
          00.00-26.99 earned hours                   Registration begins April 12, 2019
Registration instructions and other helpful information can be found on the Registrar's webpage:

How and when will you register?

Registration for most students is through Web registration remains open through the onset of the registration terms.  To web register, you need your Royal ID#, University username and password, and a registration term PIN that you will get from your advisor prior to your registration date.

Students studying abroad this semester click here for registration information.

The Registrar’s Office will staff a Registration Help Line (570-941-4172) on the main registration dates to assist you with registration issues.

How can you access the schedule of courses being offered?

The course schedules are on the Registrar’s webpage at  Click on Course Search by Term on the left.   For how to find courses in single or multiple subjects, the entire course schedule, GE courses, or special program courses, go to the Registrar's webpage, click Registration Information, and then click Accessing Online Course Schedule. 
You can access the course schedules before you get your registration term PIN from your advisor, but you won't be able to register without that term PIN.  

What do you need to do now?

 CAS Freshmen students will receive an email in their University of Scranton email account in February from the CAS Advising Office informing each student to pick-up their course registration materials from the CAS Academic Advising Center located in St. Thomas Hall, room 209. 

CAS Faculty-Advised students (CAS sophomores, juniors, seniors)- Do the following on or after  February 13, 2019: Click here to view the complete CAS undergraduate student instructions. 

 KSOM and PCPS undergraduate student instructionsDo the following on or after  February 13, 2019 to prepare for registration:

KSOM students - go to KSOM Advising Center in Brennan 206 to schedule an advising appointment. (KSOM students do not need a Course Registration Form)

PCPS students -go to PCPS Advising Center in McGurrin 111 to schedule an advising appointment and pick up a Course Registration Form.
  1. Click for instructions to print your CAPP On-Line report
  2. Review info about courses needed for your major in the Online Undergraduate Catalog
    See what courses are offered at Course Schedule Search
  3. Prepare a schedule of what courses you plan to take - click the following link to print a Course Registration Form.
  4. Go to your advising appointment to review your course selections - bring your CAPP and completed Course Registration Form.  (KSOM students do not need a form.) Your advisor will give you your registration start date/time and term PIN for web registration.
  5. Log into your account as soon as possible to confirm access - you must be able to log in to register.
    If you can't access, check your Local Contact/Emergency Notification System info in on the Home tab to be sure it was updated.
    If you still can't access, call Tech Support at 570-941-4357 or email prior to your registration date.
  6. Clear account holds from Bursar, Library, etc., before your registration date - they must be satisfied before you can register.
  7. Access your University email account daily - this is especially important during registration.