Registration Procedures for Students Studying Abroad

The following information is based on prior approval of your Study Abroad courses.

CAS Students:

CAS students currently studying abroad need to e-mail their academic advisor with a list of the courses they are currently taking and the courses they would like to take in the upcoming semester(s). Students should consult the Course Schedule Search, their online CAPP Report and their respective Program of Study (also found in the University Catalog) to determine which courses are necessary. 

Upon receipt of the e-mail, their advisor will review the course selections and contact the student regarding any changes if necessary. Once finalized, the faculty advisor will e-mail the student their term PIN, date and time of registration for their records. Students will have access to the course registration system  any time after their regularly scheduled PIN activation time. A copy of the approval will also be sent to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office. 

Using the e-mail from the academic advisor, the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office will register the students into the courses. 

If a student does not receive a response from their academic advisor, the student should e-mail their department chairperson. If the student still does not receive a response, the student should e-mail Mrs. Gina Butler, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at

 PCPS and KSOM Students:

Please email your Advising Center** with a list of the courses you are presently taking and the courses you would like to take. The Advising Center will review your selections, contact you regarding any changes if necessary, and ultimately e-mail your final approval. The Advising Center will then manually register you into the courses prior to the web registration date. They will also email you your term PIN, so that you can make future changes to your schedule yourself. You will have access to the system anytime after your regularly scheduled term PIN assignment time.

PCPS students should email Kevin Curry at 

KSOM students should email Geraldine Loveless at 

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