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Office of Student Retention and Completion

Office Mission

We provide direct support to students going through times of transition. If you have a difficult problem and need guidance, we’re here to help. We can assist you ourselves or refer you to the appropriate University office or representative. mainFr

We can help students with difficult questions such as:

  • Are you having a hard time adjusting to college?
  • Are you or your family going through financial difficulties?
  • Do you need to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the university?
  • Are you just stuck with a problem and don't know what to do?

It’s our goal to empower students to remain enrolled at Scranton, maintain their grades, take advantage of resources on campus, and complete their degrees. We work closely with the University Provost, the Registrar, Student Life, Dean's Offices, Advising Centers, Faculty, and others in the campus community.

Some examples of what our office can do for you:

  • If you aren't sure about a financial aid matter or are unsure of who to contact, we can work with you to find a solution
  • If you need information on how to change your major or use other academic services, we can refer you to the correct form or person in the Registrar’s Office
  • If you have a billing question, we can put you (or your parents) in touch with the Bursar’s Office for questions about tuition and the ability to pay it
  • If you are considering transferring to another school, we can work with you to look at your options

If you’re having any difficulties with college, feel free to call, send an email, or drop in. We can also field questions from parents and help whenever possible. We are here to help!  

Office and Campus Location

The office is located in O'Hara Hall Second Floor. The office is open Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Contact Information

Robert Hensley
Interim Registrar 
Telephone: 570-941-7721
Fax: 570-941-4148
Mailing Address:
Office of Student Retention and Completion
O'Hara Hall 118
302 Jefferson Ave
Scranton, PA 18510

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