Access Your CAPP Online Planning Tool


Students with catalog terms preceding Fall 2020 may access CAPP.

    • Log in to using your username and password.
    • Locate and click Student Profile card 
    • In the left navigation bar,  Select CAPP  

You have the ability to:

  • View the Current Degree Evaluation
  • View Previous Degree Evaluations - run within the last 7 days
  • Generate a New Evaluation that updates for any recent changes
  • Perform a "What-If" Analysis to allow you to see how the courses you took will apply to another program if you change your major. If you're thinking of changing your major, run a "what if" for that major and then make an appointment with your current advisor to clarify your options. 

Within each of the areas above, you have the option to view:

  • General Requirements - lists all courses you have taken for each area of your program
  • Detailed Requirements - lists all possible courses required and all courses you have taken for each area of your program
  • Additional Information - lists other helpful areas such as "Courses Not Used"

The CAPP report is not an official transcript or academic record. Students are solely responsible for the selection of courses and for the knowledge and completion of all degree requirements appropriate to their program of study.

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