Graduation Information

Commencement Information

Academic Regulations: Degree Requirements

The University of Scranton provides the opportunity for students who have completed degree requirements to graduate at one of four points throughout the academic year:

Graduation Date
Summer graduation - August 31
Fall graduation - December 31
Intersession graduation - January 31
Spring graduation - actual date of the Commencement exercises,  published in the academic calendar at the beginning of each academic year

Commencement exercises are held once in the academic year, following the completion of spring semester. Normally students who are certified for graduation for Summer, Fall, Intersession, or Spring graduation may participate in the Commencement exercises.

Certification of graduation, receipt of a degree, and permission to participate in the Commencement exercises is not automatic. Seniors expecting to complete degree requirements in time for Spring graduation must make formal application through the Registrar's Office or College of Graduate and Continuing Education by January 31. Students who are expecting to complete degree requirements for Summer, Fall or Intersession graduation must make formal application a minimum of four weeks prior to the end of the appropriate term.

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