Graduation Procedures and Walker Policy

The University of Scranton provides the opportunity for students who have completed degree requirements to graduate at one of four points throughout the academic year: summer graduation (graduation date: August 31), fall graduation (graduation date: December 31), intersession graduation (graduation date: January 31), or spring graduation (graduation date coincides with the annual Commencement exercise). Commencement exercises are held once each academic year at the conclusion of the spring semester; the date is published in the official University academic calendar. Students who are certified to graduate in the summer, fall, intersession or spring may participate in Commencement. A student may only be presented as a degree candidate at one commencement ceremony.

Certification of graduation, receipt of a degree, and permission to participate in Commencement are not automatic. Students expecting to complete degree requirements for a spring graduation must make formal application online through their Self Service account in the University portal, by January 31st. Students who are expecting to complete degree requirements for an August graduation date must apply by June 30th; students who are expecting to complete degree requirements for a December or January graduation date must apply by October 31st.  More information can be found on the Commencement webpage at

Walker Policy

Students who are within six (6) academic credits of fulfilling all graduation requirements and are in good academic and disciplinary standing may request to “walk” at the spring Commencement ceremony. A student seeking to participate in May Commencement must present a plan that outlines his/her remaining degree requirements to his/her dean by January 31st. Outstanding coursework must be completed at The University of Scranton during the summer and/or fall semesters following the commencement ceremony. The dean reserves the right to approve or deny the student’s request. Participation in Commencement does not signify receipt of degree. Degree conferral (graduation) occurs after submission of an Application for Degree form and upon successful completion of all degree requirements. If approved to walk, the student may not participate in a second commencement ceremony upon completion of all degree requirements.

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog or graduate catalog for more information.


Petition to Participate in Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Petition to Participate in Graduate Commencement Ceremony 

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