2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Calendar


Fall 2023 Undergraduate Semesters Spring 2024
Aug 26 University Housing Opens for New Students
Aug 26 - Aug 27 Fall Welcome Weekend for New Undergraduate Students
Aug 27 University Housing Opens for Returning Students Jan 23
Aug 28  Classes Begin Jan 24
TBA Convocation
Sept 1 Last Day to Add Classes Jan 30
Last Day to Apply for May Graduation without a Late Fee Jan 31
Sept 4 Labor Day Holiday, No Classes
Sept 6 Last Day 100% Tuition Refund (non-flat rate only) Feb 2
Sept 7 Holy Spirit Liturgy
Sept 8 Last Day to Request Credit/No Credit Option  Feb 7
Sept 13 Last Day 75% Tuition Refund (non-flat rate only) Feb 9
Sept 20 Last Day 50% Tuition Refund (non-flat rate only) Feb 16
Sept 27 Last Day 25% Tuition Refund (non-flat rate only) Feb 23 
Sept 27 Last Day to Drop a Class with No Grade  Feb 23
Oct 6 Last Day of Class Before Fall Break 


Oct 7  University Housing Closes
Oct 7 Fall Break Begins 
Oct 10  University Housing Re-opens 
Oct 11 Class Resume after Fall Break 
Last Day of Class before Spring Break  Mar 8
University Housing Closes Mar 8
Spring Break Begins  Mar 9
University Housing Re-opens  Mar 17
Classes Resume after Spring Break  Mar 18
Oct 18 Mid-Semester Grades Due by Noon Mar 20
Oct 18 Incomplete Grades from Prior Term Due  Mar 20
Oct 18 Last Day to Elect Audit Grade Option  Mar 20
Oct 31  Last Day to Apply for December or January Graduation 
Nov 10 Last Day to Withdraw with "W" Grade 
Nov 21  Last Day of Class before Thanksgiving (Fall) / Easter (Spring)  Break  Mar 27 
Nov 22 University Housing Closes  Mar 28
Nov 22  Thanksgiving (Fall) / Easter (Spring) Break Begins  Mar 28 
Nov 23  Thanksgiving (Fall) / Easter (Spring)  Mar 31
Nov 26 University Houses Re-opens  Apr 1
Nov 27  Classes Resume after Thanksgiving (Fall) / Easter (Spring)  Apr 2
Classes run on Monday schedule  Apr 3 
Last Day to Withdraw with "W" Grade  Apr 12
Last Day to Petition to "Walk" at May Commencement Apr 12
Dec 5 - Dec 11  Last Week of Classes (No Exams Permitted)  May 6 - May 10
Dec 11 Last Day of Class  May 10
Dec 12 Final Exams Begin May 13
Dec 16 Final Exams Conclude May 17
Dec 16 Last Day of Term  May 17
Class Night May 17
Dec 16 University Housing Closes  May 18
Baccalaureate Mass  May 18
Undergraduate Commencement May 19
University Housing Closes for Graduating Seniors  refer to Res. Life
Dec 19 Final Grades Due (Fall: 3:00pm) (Spring: Noon)  May 21

Important note for Fall 2023: In Fall Semester 2023, final exams for Monday classes with a start time of 4:30 p.m. or later will be held on Friday, December 15 in the evening time slot, as designated on the final exam schedule. 

Important note for Spring 2024: Wednesday, April 3rd classes will run on a Monday schedule. 

The last day to apply for a May graduation date without a late fee is January 31, 2024.


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