Community Programs


University Police offers programs designed to highlight crime prevention, curb underage drinking and make the University community aware of the capabilities of the department.

Floor Programs

University officers are often used as resources for Residence Life Staff floor programs. Officers have given presentations on alcohol and drug prevention, residence hall safety and have frequently been the guest speaker in "Ask an Officer" programs where students are given the opportunity to ask officers any Police-related questions.

One of the more inventive programs was the "Root Beer Keg" party,  where the officer explains the consequences of underage drinking. The officer was asked to "Bust" the party. Individuals were given the opportunity to take a PBT (Preliminary Breath Test -used to detect alcohol) and the officer explained what happens when a student is cited through the state of Pennsylvania for underage consumption.

Resident Assistants are encouraged to speak with officers about developing a program specifically for the needs of the students involved.


S.A.F.E. (Self-defense Awareness & Familiarity Exchange) is a 2-hour educational awareness, crime prevention program that provides women with information that may reduce their risk of exposure to violence and introduces them to the physical aspects of self-defense.  S.A.F.E. provides women with solid risk-reduction and personal safety-awareness information to incorporate into their everyday lives.

S.A.F.E. is specifically designed to teach women that "90% of self-defense is awareness, risk reduction, and avoiding confrontation; and only 10% is physical"; and focusing on both mental and physical preparedness, 'S.A.F.E.' provides women with solid public safety-awareness information to incorporate into their every day lives.


Each year, the University holds four orientation sessions for incoming first-year students and transfer students. University officers attend each session and share in a discussion group. This meeting gives new students the opportunity to speak with an officer about any questions they have about college life from the perspective of a University officer.

The sessions also offer the officer an opportunity to present information about college life that might otherwise be overlooked by new students, including the consequences of underage drinking, reminders to secure possessions and safety on and off campus.

The period from a high school senior's graduation until the new college student's first break home is often referred to as the "Red Zone," a time when the individual is exploring the new freedoms associated with graduation from high school and the new college experience.  By providing guidance and resources, University officers offer new students a helping hand in beginning their college careers.

Campus Security Authorities Training

CSAs are employees whose positions have significant responsibility for students and campus activities, and as employees of the University, we have a shared responsibility for the general safety of our campus community. CSAs are required to immediately report any criminal activity, or a suspicion of criminal activity, to University Police. From there University Police will determine what crimes meet the criteria, and how to respond to the information provided. This training is provided to all newly hired employees, those who have heightened responsibility for student activities, and any other interested parties. 

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