LibQUAL+Lite Faq's

  1. What is the purpose of LibQUAL+™?

    LibQUAL+™ is a web based survey used by libraries to learn how users feel about customer service, delivery of information, and the library building and environment.  Based on responses to the 2009 LibQual+™ survey, all computers in the Library were replaced, group study rooms were added and the amount of 24 hour space was increased.  We want to know what you would like the Library to do next.  LibQual+™ is a standardized survey by the Association of Research Libraries so that we can also compare our user satisfaction to that of peer institutions.  Since this is the third time we are using LibQual+™, the Library is also able to see where users’ opinions of services, collection and facility has improved or needs attention.

    This year the Library is using LibQual+Lite.  It takes about 6 minutes to complete. The differences between LibQual+™ and LibQual+Lite are discussed below.

  2. What are the dates for LibQual+Lite?

    LibQual+Lite will run from October 1-October 31, 2012.

  3. How was I selected to get an email invitation to participate?

    This year, the library is asking all students and faculty for their feedback. In 2009, the sample was smaller and there were not sufficient competed surveys to enable us to get a good picture of how we can improve. We are very interested in hearing from you. We appreciate your giving 10 minutes to take complete the survey.

  4. I completed the survey.  Why am I getting a reminder notices?

    Since all responses are confidential, we cannot tell who or who did not complete the survey. While we do not like bugging people who have replied, we send out reminders so that we can get as many responses as possible. We are very interested in knowing what you think. You can give us feedback any time; the more information we have about how to improve the Library, the better our planning will be.

  5. What does the Library do with the results of the survey?

    The Library posts the results of the survey for the University as a whole and by majors. We begin listening to your responses immediately; even before the survey close date. The LibQual+™ pages have the results of past assessments. This information plays a big part in planning new services, remodeling and modifying services

  6. How long does LibQual+Lite take to complete?

    It takes less than 10 minutes—many complete the survey in 6 minutes. For each question, indicate your minimum expectation, your desired level and how you feel the Library measures up to or exceeds your rankings. The open ended questions are invaluable to the Library in learning how you feel and where would should target improvements. Participation is voluntary. You may choose not to do the survey or not to complete it at any time.

  7. How do I enter the drawing for the iPad or Flashdrives?

    Complete the survey and follow the instructions for entering. The drawings are only for students. The survey is confidential so we do not know who has completed it. LibQual+™ randomly pulls emails and sends them to us for the prizes.

  8. Is my response confidential?

    Yes. The LibQUAL+ approach to confidentiality is guided by the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association.(, section 4). The survey captures only indirect information that is difficult to trace back to an individual. Personal information is separated from survey responses and there is no way to link an individual's responses to their email address. The Library gets only aggregated results. However, if you answer an open-ended question, we will know whether the answer is from a faculty member or student and the discipline category indicated.

  9. Why does the survey seem to ask the same question more than once?

    Some questions are repeated so that the validity of the results can tested through statistical analysis.

  10. What is the difference between LibQual+ ™ and LibQual+Lite?

    LibQual+™ has 22 core questions. In the Lite version, all 22 questions are asked but each respondent is only asked 10 of the 22. Studies were conducted by the Association of Research Libraries to make sure that the data is still valid. The total number of questions, excluding demographic information in the Lite version is 19; the full LibQual+™ is 33 questions. Most people have completed the survey in 6 minutes.

  11. What if the link doesn’t work on my computer or if I would prefer to do the survey on paper instead of online?

    Email or call Associate Dean Bonnie Strohl (570) 941-4006. Use this email and telephone number if you have any additional questions about LibQual+™ or visit the LibQual+™ homepage