Faculty and Staff

Headshot of Yamile Silva

Yamile Silva

Professor, Spanish; Department Chair


316 O'Hara Hall

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

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Headshot of Marzia Caporale

Marzia Caporale

Professor, French and Italian


319 O'Hara Hall

Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2004

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Current research: Francophone women writers; French and Francophone film.

Headshot of Roxana Curiel

Roxana Curiel

Assistant Professor, Spanish


317 O'Hara Hall

Ph.D., University of California, 2016

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Teaching and research interests: Pedagogies for language-minoritized students, raciolinguistics, film theory, Indigenous sovereignty, migrations across the Americas, and forced displacement.

Jaime Meilán del Río

Faculty Specialist, Spanish


321 O'Hara Hall

Law degree, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Madrid, Spain (1986)

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Headshot of Virginia Picchietti

Virginia Picchietti

Associate Professor, Italian


320 O'Hara Hall

Ph.D., Indiana University

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Headshot of Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Professor, Latin and Greek


322 O'Hara Hall

Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1982

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Headshot of Habib Zanzana

Habib Zanzana

Professor, Spanish and French


318 O'Hara Hall

Ph.D., Indiana University

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Headshot of Hannah Grijincu

Hannah Grijincu

Director of the Language Learning Center


O'Hara 308 | 570-941-4711

JoAnne Jurkiewicz

Administrative Assistant


O'Hara 301 | 570-941-4014

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