Arabic Minor

Overview of Program & Requirements

Students minoring in Arabic will complete 18 credits in the language, starting at the beginning level or higher. For more information about the credit requirements for this minor, see the course catalog.

Why study Arabic? Take a look at this flier for more information about the language, employment demand, and must careers available for those who speak Arabic!

Arabic Courses Offered

  • Beginning Arabic I & II: Designed for non–Arabic-speaking students, this course studies modern standard Arabic and aims to enable students to use and properly pronounce simple Arabic words and to listen, speak, read and write simple sentences. This course also offers a preliminary approach to Arabic grammar.  
  • Intermediate Arabic I & II: A continuation of elementary Arabic. Students will acquire more vocabulary and grammar and engage in more speaking, reading and writing. 
  • Advanced Arabic I & II: Advanced grammar, reading, conversation and composition in standard Arabic. This third-year course emphasizes the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in interactive settings. 

Independent studies and readers may be available upon request.

Contact Information


Habib Zanzana, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish and Arabic

To learn more about the Arabic program, contact Dr. Habib Zanzana.

Dr. Habib Zanzana 
318 O'Hara Hall
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