Language Placement Tests

Online Placement Tests

If you have any previous experience with Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic, you must take a language placement test prior to taking a course in that language at the University of Scranton. The placement test will evaluate your language proficiency to place you into the correct course. The language placement test is available online and students can take it from home at any time. Students can take the test on their personal computers or on the Language Learning Center (O'Hara 306) computers which are equipped with the necessary technology. 

All students who have studied a language previously must take the language placement test before enrolling in a language course at the University of Scranton. If you have not studied a language previously, you should register for the elementary/101 level course.

To take this test, please contact Hannah Jackson for the test log-in information and test guide. 


The infographic will help you know whether you need to take a language placement test or not.

Contact Information

Hannah Jackson
Director, Language Learning Center
308 O'Hara Hall