Fulbright Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants 2019-2020


2022-2023 TAs, GAs, and Visiting Instructors

Every year, the University of Scranton hosts Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Visiting Instructors from all over the world who teach world language classes, offer educational events to the community, and share their cultures with the university.

 2022-2023 TAs, GAs, and Visiting Instructors

  • Audrey LeCerf - France (French)
  • Badoor Albuloushi - Kuwait (Arabic)
  • Paula (Magalí) Ferrer - Argentina (Spanish)
  • Celine Seeger - Germany (German)
  • Yun (Lily) Chiang - Taiwan (Chinese)
  • Ximena Jimenez - LLC (Spanish)

Audrey Lecerf

Bonjour tout le monde ! My name is Audrey, and I am the French Fulbright Teaching Assistant for the academic year 2022-2023. I come from the North of France near the city of Lille, and have always lived there. I studied foreign languages – namely English and Mandarin, business, and political science. I love travelling and meeting people from all around the world. I went on a student exchange to Taiwan before for a semester and loved it, so I am really looking forwards to spending this year in Scranton and to discover more about American culture! I love discovering new languages as I find it so rewarding, and I hope I can help you all feel that rewarding feeling with the French language. Hoping to meet you soon!




Badoor Albuloushi

My name is Badoor Albuloushi. I’ll be teaching Arabic this year. I was born in Kuwait. I studied Teaching English as a second language at Kuwait University. I have my Master’s and PhD in Special Education, Gifted Education at Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. I am the head of the English department at Al Rajaa School for Girls, Special Education. I taught English as A second language to primary school, middle school, high school up to university level. I also taught American sign language to Arabic deaf and hard hearing students for four years. In my free time I love to paint in my art studio, visit the art gallery, or hang out with friends. I love teaching and I enjoy it. I am really excited to teach Arabic this year.


Paula (Magalí) Ferrer

Hola! My name is P. Magalí Ferrer and I am the Argentinian Fulbright Teaching Assistant (FLTA) for the academic year of 2022/23. Therefore, I will be teaching Spanish. I am from San Rafael, Mendoza, a city located in the western central part of Argentina. It is home to the highest mountain in America (Mount Aconcagua)and it is also the center of the Argentinian wine industry, which is recognized worldwide. I earned a BA in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language and I am currently working on a Specialization in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language, as well as on a postgraduate degree in TEFL. Apart from teaching, I absolutely love meeting new people and learning about their languages and cultures. Besides, I enjoy hanging out with friends, walking, getting to know new places, among other things. Finally, I am really excited about being part of the Scranton community, and I hope to meet many of you while I am here! 

celineCeline Seeger

Hallo! My name is Celine Victoria Seeger and I will be this year’s German Fulbright FLTA. This fall, I will be teaching the beginner and elementary German courses. I am from the south of Germany and am currently pursuing my Master’s program at University of Education in Education with English and history as my majors. I am a big fan of literature and spend a good deal of my free time reading; but I am also a lover of the outdoors and love hiking and running. I am originally from the northern Black Forest, so in summer I go for a couple of hikes there, it’s the most beautiful place! Furthermore, I like travelling and getting to know new cultures a lot and lived in Australia for half a year and taught German at a community school in the southeast of Ireland. I am very much looking forward to getting to know you, take some classes in American history here in Scranton and share my language and culture with you! If you have any questions about me or my German language courses, please reach out and do not hesitate to contact me!


Yun (Lily) Chiang

大家好! My name is Chiang Yun. You can just call me Yun, or my English name, Lily. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. You may not know where Taiwan is. Taiwan is a little island between China and Japan. Taiwan is a multicultural island which from China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, with a lot of delicious food and motorcycles. Have you tried bubble tea and hot pot? Try it and you will love it!

I graduated from Zhong Yuan University with a bachelor degree in teaching Chinese as second language. After graduation, I taught at international Chinese school in Korea for six years, so I can speak Korean and I also like watching Korean dramas. While I was working, I went to National Taiwan Normal University to gain my master’s degree in teaching Chinese as second language. It was hard work, but worth it.

I like Chinese, Chinese is a beautiful Language with a lot of culture and history, I also like to experience different cultures. I am honored to teach in Scranton. Wish I could bring my knowledge to students, I believe (教学相长) students can learn from me, and l can learn from them, too.



Ximena Jimenez

Hi everyone! My name is Ximena Jimenez and I was born in Manabí, Ecuador which is where all the beautiful beaches can be found. Although I moved to the US when I was a baby, Spanish was my first language as it was spoken every day at home. Growing up in New York City exposed me to many cultures and languages which is why I am so excited to be able to work as a Graduate Assistant at the Language Learning Center. I graduated in May of 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Science in Physiology and minor in Biochemistry. Because of my passion for science, I am continuing my education here at the University in the Biochemistry MS program. I hope to meet all of you soon and help you in any way possible!


Language Learning Center Hours

Want to meet the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants? Stop by the Language Learning Center in O'Hara 306 during the fall semester for their LLC office hours and get to know them! 

2021-2022 TAs, GAs, and Visiting Instructors

2021-2022 TAs, GAs, and Visiting Instructors
  • Belal Elkurd - Palestine (Arabic)
  • Khadiga AboBakr - Egypt (Arabic)
  • Chun-Sheng (Peter) Su - Taiwan (Chinese)
  • Nawel Kahouaji - France (French)
  • Kentaro Fukube - Japan (Japanese)
  • Samiel Torres - LLC (Spanish)
  • Fabian Postert - Germany (German)
  • Julia Illarramendi - Spain (Spanish)

2020-2021 TAs and GAs

2020-2021 TAs and GAs
  • Belal Elkurd - Palestine (Arabic)
  • Chama Laassassy - Canada (French)
  • Rebekka Stein - Germany (German)
  • Cecilia Núñez - Uruguay (Spanish)
  • Laura Freedman - Language Learning Center GA
  • Hsiang-Ling Wang - Taiwan (Chinese)
  • Khadiga AboBakr - Egypt (Arabic)
  • Minori Koga - Japan (Japanese)

Fulbright TAs 2019-2020

From left: Dr. Jeff Gingerich, Clara Fabbri (France), Lukas Rackow (Germany), Alessandra Abate (Italy), Khadiga AboBakr (Egypt), Hsiang-Ling Wang (Taiwan), Sarah Romero Avella (Colombia), Dr. Yamile Silva, Dr. Ann Pang-White

From left: Dr. Jeff Gingerich, Clara Fabbri (France), Lukas Rackow (Germany), Alessandra Abate (Italy), Khadiga AboBakr (Egypt), Hsiang-Ling Wang (Taiwan), Sarah Romero Avella (Colombia), Dr. Yamile Silva, Dr. Ann Pang-White

Fulbright TAs 2018-2019


From left: Juan Carlos Ruiz (Colombia), Laura Martel (France), Minori Koga (Japan), Maryam Ahmed (Bahrain)

Fulbright TAs 2017-2018

tas-2017-2018.jpgFrom left: Vianey Florentino Perez (Mexico), Rabab Mesbahi (Morocco), Lea Gorski (Germany)

Fulbright TAs 2016-2017

Top from left: Celine Langlard (France), Sarah Schreier (Germany), Carmen Cespedes Suarez (Spain)
Bottom from left: Aymen Khazaal (Iraq), Chie Fujikake (Japan) 
2015 Fullbrights web.jpg

Fulbright TAs 2015-2016

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