Italian Studies Concentration

Overview of Program

The Italian Studies Concentration is designed to advance students’ knowledge and understanding of Italy.  The concentration is open to all majors across the university and consists of both interdisciplinary and single-discipline courses offered in different departments and approved for the program.  Its goal is thus to cultivate a broadly based knowledge of Italian civilization and its contributions to the specific fields comprising the concentration.  

The Italian Studies Concentration is designed to accomplish the following: provide a focused study of Italian culture and society; develop oral, reading, and written skills in Italian language; and develop practical skills applicable in careers and that facilitate communication during stays in Italy.  The concentration requires the successful completion of seven courses, three of which are required courses and four of which are to be chosen from an approved list of electives. Students are required to successfully complete two courses of Italian language, starting at the beginning level or higher; they will enter the language level they can master as determined in consultation with the directors and the language department.  Courses in the concentration may fulfill general education requirements with an emphasis on cultural diversity and a writing-intensive curriculum.More information about the Italian program is available. The course catalog has information on course requirements.

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Contact Information


Josephine Dunn, Ph.D., Art History
Virginia Picchietti, Ph.D., Professor of Italian

To learn more about the Italian Studies Concentration, contact Dr. Virginia Picchietti.

Dr. Virginia Picchietti
320 O'Hara Hall

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