Hispanic Studies Major

Overview of Program

The World Languages and Cultures Department offers a major and a minor in Hispanic Studies. Both major and minor provide a unique blend of the traditional strengths of language and literature departments with an interdisciplinary, cultural studies, and practical skills approach. The goal of this program is to prepare our students to become proficient in the Spanish language and the literatures and cultures of Spanish speaking countries so that they may lead empowered and productive lives as global citizens.

Why study Spanish? Take a look at this flier for more information about the language, employment opportunities, and cultural enrichment available for those who speak Spanish!

Students may also choose to focus on Spanish as part of the B.A. in International-Language Business or B.S. in Secondary Education.

Major Requirements

The major consists of courses continuing from the two sequence Beginning Spanish (101/102), Intermediate Spanish (211/212), and Advanced Composition and Conversation (311/312) to seven 300- and 400-level upper-division courses that develop knowledge of Hispanic culture (e.g. Latin American Culture and Civilization, Hispanic Women Writers and Body Fictions in Latin American Literature) and skills in the practical and professional application of the language (e.g. Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, Service and the Hispanic Community).

After SPAN 311, all courses are writing and conversation-based within the framework of cultural studies and/or literary analysis. Students who begin the Spanish major at the 311 level take six credits fewer in the major and six more credits in the cognate or free area. In their second year, they will choose advanced language electives. Students whose first language is Spanish will take Introduction to Hispanic Literature (320), Advanced Stylistics (321), and three of the following courses: Spanish Culture and Civilization (313), Latin-American Culture and Civilization (314), History of Spanish Literature (330), and Survey of Spanish-American Literature (331) in their advance language electives area. Independent Studies, Readers,and Honors Tutorials are offered on an as-needed basis.

Senior language majors are also required to complete a senior portfolio prior to graduation. 

Study Abroad

Hispanic Studies offers several faculty-led study abroad courses: Intersession Study Abroad in Puebla, Mexico (six credits) and Summer Study Abroad in Pamplona, Spain (three credits).   Our courses serve the general educational needs of many students, including those with a language requirement (e.g. International Business and International Studies). See the Study Abroad page for more information.

Spanish Courses Offered

  • Elementary Spanish I & II
  • Intermediate Spanish I & II
  • Spanish Conversation
  • Spanish Composition
  • Topics in the Culture, Civilization, and Literature of Latin America
  • Spanish Culture & Civilization
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • Fictions of Body in Latin America
  • History of Spanish Literature
  • Medical Spanish
  • Legal Spanish
  • Advanced Stylistics
  • Soccer is Passion (Latin America)
  • Service and the Hispanic Community
  • Topics in Hispanic Prose
  • Twentieth-Century Spanish Drama
  • Spanish-American Drama
  • Hispanic Women Writers

Contact Information


Yamile Silva, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish and WLC Department Chair
Habib Zanzana, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish and Arabic
Ana Ugarte, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish
Jaime Meilán del Rio, Faculty Specialist in Spanish

To learn more about the Spanish program, contact Dr. Yamile Silva.

Dr. Yamile Silva
316 O'Hara Hall