Japanese Minor

Overview of Program

Students minoring in Japanese will complete 18 credits in the language, starting at the beginning level or higher.  For more information about the credit requirements for this minor, visit the course catalog. Courses in Japanese can count toward the Asian Studies Concentration.

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Why study Japanese?

  • Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by 128 million people, primarily in Japan.
  • Japan has the second largest economy in the world.
  • From the elegant world of the tenth-century Tale of Genji (the world’s first novel written by a woman) to the postmodern dystopias of Murakami Haruki and Banana Yoshimoto, Japanese literature has something for everyone.
  • Knowing Japanese brings business opportunities.
  • Japanese speakers are the Internet's third largest language group.

Japanese Courses

  • Beginning Japanese I & II
    • Development of the fundamental skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, with emphasis on language performance. Emphasis on practical application of the basic skills for business-related activities. Relevant cultural aspects are introduced. 
  • Intermediate Japanese I & II
    • This course continues development of the four major skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Upon completion of the course students will understand all the basic concepts of the structure of the language.  
  • Advanced Japanese I & II

Readers and independent studies may be available upon request.

Contact Information


Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant

To learn more about the Japanese program, contact Dr. Yamile Silva.

Dr. Yamile Silva
316 O'Hara Hall

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