University of Scranton students in San Cristobal during a Study Abroad trip

Latin American and Latinx Studies

Program Overview

Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS) is a multi-disciplinary program that examines the cultures, history, politics and environments of Latin America and of people of Latin American heritage. 

The program is offered as both a major and a concentration. Students in the major take courses in five content areas: history and political science; philosophy and theology; biology, anthropology and geography; literature; and supporting coursework. Majors are encouraged to combine this program with another major or minor at Scranton, and to study abroad in Latin America for at least one semester. In the concentration, students take 18 credits of LALS-designated courses from across the disciplines.

Students in the program learn through classroom instruction, film screenings, community projects, lectures and other cultural events, such as visits to Latin American restaurants in the Scranton area. 

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Why is Latin American and Latinx Studies important?

  • Learn about the politics, history, cultures, and concerns of the largest minority group in the United States.
  • Prepare for any career by understanding the cultural, social and economic interconnectedness of the Americas. 
  • Acquire the skills to engage with diverse peoples and issues. There is a high demand in the workforce for employees who are proficient in Spanish and have competency in multicultural issues.
  • Broaden your horizons and develop independence by researching or studying abroad.
  • Learn multiple approaches to pursuing a passion or solving a problem - an essential skill in the 21st-century workplace.


"The Latin American & Latinx Studies concentration helped me develop my Spanish proficiency and, most importantly, discover myself. I learned a lot about my heritage, the vast region's past, present, and future, and how these, and related, topics affect my thoughts and emotions."

Crysta A. O'Donnell '22

Learning & Serving Beyond Campus

We encourage our students to study abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean. Likewise, we invite students who choose to study in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain or Portugal to consider enrolling in a Latin American and Latinx Studies program. For students desiring a study abroad experience in a shorter timeframe, our program currently offers study abroad trips during Intersession.

Additionally, the International Service Program organizes faith-based service trips to multiple countries in Latin America. During their time in Scranton, our students engage with local Latinx communities through community-based learning courses, such as SPAN 335 Service and the Hispanic Community, and service projects coordinated by the Center for Service and Social Justice. 

LALS also connects students with opportunities to support our Latinx neighbors, like the annual Welcoming Scranton fair, and organizes community events, like the South Side Restaurant Tour.

Students in their final year are encouraged to pursue teaching, research, or service abroad or among Latinx communities in the United States. Several of our graduates have won prestigious Fulbright fellowships or worked in Latin America through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Many graduates find employment in the non-profit sector related to Latinx or Latin American issues. 

Career Outcomes

Recent graduates of the Latin American and Latinx Studies program are working in the following fields:

  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Government
  • International Business
  • Immigration Law
  • Journalism and Social Media
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Medicine
  • Ministry
  • Public Relations


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