Information Literacy Stipends 2007

Two Information Literacy Stipends were awarded for 2007. Project descriptions and final reports where available are found below:

This information literacy project will compare the content of the senior Research Methods in Occupational Therapy (OT 493) to the information literacy standards of the Accreditation Council for OT Education (ACOTE) and the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education of the ACRL. Outcome measures to assess students’ level of information literacy to help determine their ability to competently complete a research proposal will be designed. Graduated learning activities to provide students with opportunities to develop and refine the core information literacy competencies needed to successfully complete their graduate research projects and scholarly theses will be developed.

Collaborating Librarian is Bonnie Oldham, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Rita Fleming-Castaldy and Dr. Carol Reinson's final report.

Students in Science of the Day (NSCI 208) taught by Dr. Robert Spalletta will utilize online sources for locating research articles on science and technology topics. The ultimate goal is to increase the student’s ability to find information using online sites, and providing the student with tools to assess the quality of information obtained.

Collaborating Librarian is Katie Duke, Associate Professor.
Read Dr. Spalletta's final report.

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