Information Literacy Action Plan 2009 - 2014

What do we want the program to look like?
Criteria for Success
How will we know we have met the outcome?
What data/evidence will we need to demonstrate that the outcome has been met? How will the data/evidence be gathered and recorded?
Initiate and advance faculty collaboration in order to create effective Information Literacy assignments throughout the curriculum. Partnerships are from all four colleges (CAS, KSOM, PCPS, CGCE) Faculty members’ colleges will be recorded when Information Literacy sessions are scheduled.
Faculty will collaborate with librarians through our Information Literacy Stipend Program. Information Literacy Stipends awarded.
Library faculty will collaborate with academic faculty to target specific information literacy objectives in at least 25% of Information Literacy sessions. Librarians will self-report collaboration results via an Assessment and Analysis documentation process.
Assess student progress in Information Literacy competencies in order to gather evidence of student learning. Assessment tools for classes and programs are integrated into Information Literacy sessions.
Students’ skills grow due to active learning.
Librarians will self-report assessment activities via an Assessment and Analysis documentation process.
Librarians’ analysis of their teaching; peer teaching observations.
Create learning opportunities about academic integrity and scholarly research in order to raise student awareness about the ethical use of information. Incoming students will take the academic integrity tutorials. Students will self-report their awareness via post-tutorial survey.
25% of faculty will use Evaluate faculty use.
Query users about their library experiences in order to engage the people who use our library, and connect with them in a personal and memorable way. 1. Student user groups will be formed. Student user group surveys will be compiled and will be assessed by librarians. Librarians will discuss plans for improvement.
2. Users will submit suggestions about their experiences using library resources via some type of suggestion board. Answers will be compiled and plans made by librarians to implement suggested improvements.
3. IM / Text Message Reference users will be queried about their satisfaction with this service. Suggestions will be compiled and plans made by librarians to implement suggested improvements.
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