Information Literacy Assessment 2016-2017

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the Weinberg Memorial Library added a sixth student learning outcome to those we assessed and revised in 2015-2016; this new outcome emphasizes students as knowledge creators and strengthens further the relationship between our outcomes and the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. See the Information Literacy Curriculum and Assessment home page for a map between our six learning outcomes and the ACRL Framework frames.

In 2016-2017: 3 Research & Instruction Librarians in the Research & Scholarly Services department generated 2 Program-wide and 4 Individual Classroom Activity Reports in support of assessment of student learning in the Information Literacy Program.

2016-17 Program-wide Classroom Activity Reports
Fall 2016: BIOL 141L: General Biology I Lab (EP)
2 Faculty Librarians
16 Course Sections
Fall 2016: INTD 112: Eloquentia Perfecta Foundations (EP)
2 Faculty Librarians
2 Course Sections
Fall 2016 Individual Classroom Activity Reports
COUN 520: Professional Issues: Rehabilitation Counseling
Librarian: Prof. Donna Witek
Course Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Dalgin
SPAN 331: Spanish-American Literature
Librarian: Prof. Kevin Norris
Course Instructor: Dr. Yamile Silva
Spring 2017 Individual Classroom Activity Reports
HIST 140: The Craft of the Historian
Librarian: Prof. Kevin Norris
Course Instructor: Dr. David Dzurec
OT 393: Research Methods in OT
Librarian: Prof. Bonnie Oldham
4 Course Sections
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