Student Information

Campus based federal, state, and university programs provide campus employment, which allows students an opportunity to earn money to help meet their cost of education.  Students are paid on a biweekly basis for the hours worked in the previous two weeks.  Work study earnings are not deducted from the student's charges.  However, the student may make a payment to the University to reduce the balance due.  Students are able to work a maximum of 20 hours a week when enrolled in classes. 


Students may complete Local Service Tax (LST) Forms annually.  If completed, a student may be exempt from LST.  These forms are available on Payroll's website (Click here).
  • Requirementsplus or minus

    There are requirements which must be fulfilled in the financial aid office for Federal Work Study. They are as follows:
    • FAFSA must be on file
    • The student must be eligible for the Federal Work Study Program
    • An on-line work study application must be completed annually
    • An I-9 and W-4 must be completed in the presence of a member of the human resources office with original documents
    • A student must meet satisfactory academic progress
    • A student should not be under any holds; financial or academic
  • Online Work Study Application Directionsplus or minus

    Directions on How to Complete the Online Work Study Application:
    • Enter Royal ID and password
    • Click on Home
    • Click on Self Service
    • Select Student Services and Financial Aid
    • Then click on Financial Aid
    • Complete Work Study Application
    • Submit