Online Program Services Policy


As a student you are eligible for services when:

  • You are currently enrolled in courses for-credit at The University of Scranton which are being delivered either off-campus OR via the Internet OR you are completing an independent study or internship off-campus, AND
  • you currently reside off-campus.

As a faculty member you are eligible for services when:

  • You are teaching all of your University of Scranton for-credit course(s) from off-campus, AND
  • you do not have office hours on-campus.


The following services are available ONLY to currently enrolled students and faculty. Please contact the ILL office at before making any requests.

  • Delivery of articles from journals owned by the Weinberg Memorial Library – Most articles are available electronically. Articles from newspapers, magazines, or journals that are unavailable from the Weinberg Memorial Library's electronic collections can be scanned and emailed to you.
  • Delivery of books from the Weinberg Memorial Library – Books will be shipped to you by UPS. You are responsible for returning all books to the Weinberg Memorial Library at your own expense, using UPS Ground (contact us first if you must use other shipping options).
  • Delivery of materials not owned by Weinberg Memorial Library – materials will be borrowed from other libraries and delivered to you as outlined above.
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