Gift Policy

The primary purpose of the Weinberg Memorial Library Collection is support of the curricula. Each discipline has a Collection Development Policy. Subject area bibliographers determine which titles will be added to the collection based on these policies.

  • Books and non-print material must support courses at the University of Scranton. Journals are not accepted for addition.
  • Donations should be in good condition, free of mold and damage. Incomplete materials are not accepted. Except for items of interest to Special Collections, fragile items are not accepted.
  • Donations are integrated into the Library collection and classified according to subject content.
  • The Library reserves the right to dispose of duplicate and unneeded items by selling them in the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library Book Sale or by recycling them. If a donor wants materials that are not added to the collection returned to him or her, the donor must make provisions for picking those items up from the Library within a reasonable amount of time.
  • If requested, the Library will supply a count of items donated and a list of those titles that are added to the collection. A donor generated list facilitates this process. Under IRS regulations, Libraries do not appraise gifts or provide statements that assign monetary value to gifts.
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