Reserve Procedures

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves are available over the Internet from the Library's homepage. Items placed on e-reserve may include a book chapter or journal article, a computer file, or Internet links. E-reserve course passwords restrict access to students enrolled in each class. You can easily link these readings to D2L, the course management system. When the Library is unable to secure copyright clearance for e-reserves, the item will be placed on print reserve.

Please allow 48 hours to process reserves.

Please e-mail your list of citations to Joel Krisanda at (570-941-4299) to begin the process.

Print/EdLab Reserves

Articles, books and/or EdLab materials should be turned in at the Library Services Desk along with a completed Print/EdLab Reserve Request Form. The form is also available at the Library Services Desk.

Use studies suggest that one copy is sufficient for the normal size class; unless specifically requested, we will place only one copy on print reserve and no more than three. Students may borrow the materials by asking for them (by call number) at the Library Services Desk.

Please allow 48 hours to process reserves.

Contact: Joel Krisanda (, 570-941-4299 or Patricia Savitts (, 570-941-6139.

Media Reserves

The Media Resource Center puts media material on reserve. Requests should be submitted on a Media Reserve Request Form.

Please allow 48 hours to process reserves.

Contact: Sharon Finnerty (, 570-941-6330.

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