in the Reilly Learning Commons

The Learning Commons has 8 iMacs and 7 Dell PCs featuring the software listed below. There are 18 additional lab PCs. View the computer availability stats to see how many computers are open in the Library.

  iMacs Dell PCs Description
Adobe Creative Cloud Yes Yes  Multimedia design software (log in with email address)
Audacity  Yes  Yes  Audio recording/editing 
Camtasia  Yes  Yes  Screencast creation 
GIMP  Yes  Yes  Image editing
MakerBot Print software Yes  Yes  3D printing design and editing software
Microsoft Office Professional  Yes  Yes  Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation suite 
QuickTime  Yes  Yes  Multimedia player 
Yes  Yes  Software environment for statistics 
RStudio Yes  Yes  Premier integrated development environment for R
Snagit 12  Yes  Yes  Screen capture 
C++  No  Yes  C++ compiler 
CutePDF Writer  No  Yes  Export files to PDF 
IBM SPSS Statistics  No  Yes  Statistical analysis 
Kinovea No  Yes  Video player for sport analysis
Minitab 17  No  Yes  Statistical analysis 
Notepad++  No  Yes  Text/source code editing 
Windows Live Photo Gallery  No  Yes  Image editing and organizing 
Windows Movie Maker  No  Yes  Video editing 
Automator  Yes No  Task automation 
DPS App Builder  Yes  No  Adobe mobile viewer app creation
FaceTime  Yes  No  Video calling 
Final Cut Pro  Yes  No  Video editing 
GarageBand  Yes  No  Music/podcast creation and editing 
iBooks  Yes  No  E-book reader/store 
iMovie  Yes  No  Video editing 
iPhoto  Yes  No  Photo editing 
Keynote  Yes  No  Presentation creation and display 
Numbers  Yes  No  Spreadsheet 
Pages  Yes  No  Word processing 
Photo Booth  Yes  No  Photo/video creation and editing 
QuickTime Player  Yes  No  Multimedia player 

There is a color printer, a black and white printer, a copy machine, and a ScannX scanner in the copy room located near the entrance to the Learning Commons. Each student receives $14.00 worth of prints at the start of the semester. Color printing is $.25 per page; black and white is $.07 per page.

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